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March 3, 2022

6 Reasons LaseMD for Hair Growth is Great for You

lasemd hair growth

Today we talk about LaseMD. But not as a facial treatment for skin improvement. Today we introduce you to LaseMD for hair growth stimulation. Yes, it’s one of the best ways to experience great results. Moreover, LaseMD is a trusted companion of so many hair loss therapies: PRP, Mesotherapy, Hair fillers, Growth factors, stem cells.

It’s not their opposition. It works as a catalyst and boosts their effect. How come?

This is what we want to share with you. Why LaseMD is so special for any hair growth treatment. And of course, why it’s best for you!

Reason 1: LaseMD is a non-surgical treatment

Everybody is asking for Hair Transplant. But do you realize how complicated and unsafe this surgery is?

Before you start considering a hair transplant as an option, please try to solve your hair loss condition with non-invasive treatments. LaseMD is one of them. Lasers are a revolutionary technology that restores the skin and stimulates all therapeutic processes – including hair growth.

LaseMD is a non-surgical treatment which means that you don’t need to be hospitalized for the intervention. You can come during your lunch break and have it done for up to an hour – depending on the size of the treated area. Afterward, you can continue your day as usual – no complications, anesthesia, or scalpel.


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Reason 2: Maximizes the results of any hair loss therapy

LaseMD creates micro nano-channels into the scalp that help hair growth solutions penetrate very deep into the scalp skin and reach the follicles. Then the solution magically brings to life the follicle, and you experience hair growth. Well… it’s not magic. It’s science.

Without LaseMD, solutions such as PRP, Mesotherapy, stem cells, hair fillers, growth factors stay on the surface of the scalp. Eventually, they evaporate and don’t get the chance to influence the hair follicle as we want. As a result, the scalp is red and irritated but with minimal effect. Yes, you will get results, but not the best ones.

Injections and microneedles can indeed reach the follicles as we insert them deep into the skin. But let’s face it – doing it with laser is much more comfortable, non-bloody, and effective. No other method creates micro nano-channels shortcuts to the hair follicles.

Reason 3: It’s proven to be effective

Every reputable treatment must have a history of clinical trials. LaseMD has proven its miraculous strengths through different clinical studies. Trials have shown that a course of LaseMD has the power to boost about a 38% increase in hair growth and a 64% – 113% increase in hair diameter.

In combination with other powerful solutions, such as stem cell therapy, results will be even greater.

By doing laser before your hair growth solution application, you increase the success rate of your therapy.

Reason 4: Fast treatment with no downtime

Also called “lunch-break” treatment. Why? You come, we get the job done, and you return to your daily activities. No discomfort, no pain.

Your area might get red a little bit, but that’s going to last for only 1-2 hours after the treatment. How many treatments can you do in your lunch break? Not many. But this one is just perfect for busy professionals and housewives who want to get maximum effect with a small investment of time, money, effort.

Reason 5: It’s long-lasting

Did you know that your results will last up to 12-18 months after the therapy? Yes! And that’s amazing. 6 sessions, and you get the results you want for at least a year ahead. By the time you need a new session, technology and aesthetics would be so advanced that you won’t need to get the same treatment.

Who doesn’t want to be carefree for a whole year or year and a half? We certainly want!

Reason 6: You can use LaseMD on brows and beard

… and they will grow. How awesome is that? Keep in mind that it will be effective if the brows and the beard still have active follicles to target. If your brows have been excessively plucked, then the treatment might not be able to restore your brow hair.

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