LaseMD for Hair Growth


Original price was: AED 400.Current price is: AED 299. excl. VAT

LaseMD is a revolutionary Korean laser treatment that creates micro nano-channels into the scalp for better nutrient absorption. You can combine the laser with other hair treatments such as PRP, Mesotherapy, stem cell therapy, hair fillers, and growth factor solutions.

Price for LaseMD only: AED 500 per session

Monthly offers:

Combo treatment LaseMD
(1 session)
(10 sessions)
No solution AED 499 AED 2,999
With Mesotherapy AED 899 AED 4,999
With EGF AED 1099 AED 5,999
With PRP AED 1299 AED 6,999
With Hair Fillers AED 1,799 AED 10,999
With Stem cell injection AED 2,099 AED 14,999


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What is LaseMD for hair growth?

LaseMD for hair growth is revolutionary Korean laser treatment. It’s a non-ablative fractional thulium laser that creates micro nano-channels into the scalp. These micro nano-channels create “shortcuts” to the hair follicle and prepare the scalp for better solution absorption. The laser opens tiny spider’s net-resembling pathways that help hair growth solutions penetrate very deep into the scalp and reach the follicles.

Thus, the scalp obtains better capabilities for blood flow stimulation and nourishment. The LaseMD treatment uses infrared beams that, on their own, stimulate better blood circulation. Additionally, once the scalp is better nourished with blood and micronutrients, the hair follicles receive the signal and ambient to thrive. As a result, you start noticing increased hair growth and hair density.

Can I combine the laser treatment with other hair growth therapies?

Right after the heat makes its way into the scalp layer, we insert a powerful hair growth solution that travels through the microchannels and reaches the damaged hair follicles.

Unlike other hair loss solution applications, the combination of laser and a hair growth potion creates 100% successful delivery of the ingredients to the deeper layers of the scalp. This is a powerful duo that can stimulate rapid hair growth and fast hair growth when done weekly.

You can combine the LaseMD laser with the following growth solutions:

Or you can do only LaseMD. However, for best results, we recommend you do a combination.

Another treatment combo can alternate between all solutions throughout the 6-week therapy. Please, always consult with your aesthetician.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

Your aesthetician determines the number of sessions. The standard protocol includes minimum 6 sessions for visible results.

Please, get a FREE consultation with our doctors.

Does LaseMD prevent future hair loss?

Yes. After 6 sessions, you will receive results that will last for up to 12-18 months. This treatment has a long-lasting effect, and we also recommend it for people who don’t experience severe hair loss symptoms and want to prevent more significant hair loss.

Who is a suitable candidate for LaseMD?

Men and women who want to stimulate their hair growth process and thicker and denser hair.

LaseMD is suitable for all skin types.

Please, do not undergo LaseMD if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Benefits of LaseMD for hair growth

The laser is a cutting-edge technology with two main variants: facial skin improvement and hair regrowth. However, the hair growth capabilities of the treatment are phenomenal:

  • Improves male pattern baldness and hair thinning;
  • Boosts scalp’s capacity to absorb nutrients;
  • Hair growth solutions penetrate deep into the scalp to deliver the maximum effect;
  • Strengthens the hair by stimulating blood flow to the affected area;
  • Requires no downtime or initial preparation;
  • Great alternative for people who don’t want to do a hair transplant.

DON’Ts after the treatment

To have optimal results, you must follow the guidelines of your aesthetician. You must protect your scalp from direct sunlight after the treatment (1-2 days) since all laser treatments are photo-sensitive. Make sure to wear a hat/scarf or apply sunscreen (if possible).

For at least 8 hours, you must not wash your hair. If you wash your hair, you’ll remove the hair growth solution and stop the rejuvenating process.

Does LaseMD have side effects or downtime?

No. LaseMD doesn’t have any side effects. It’s suitable for men and women of all skin types.

There is no downtime after doing a session. However, patients get mild redness, dryness, or warm sensation after the treatment that goes away 1-2 hours. You don’t need to take a day off from work to do this treatment.

Can I combine LaseMD with Scalp Micropigmentation?

Not at once. You can do both treatments separately. You can either do SMP and wait for 1 month after the last SMP treatment to do LaseMD, or do LaseMD and then wait at least a month after your last session before you do SMP.

Why should I choose 7 Derma for my LaseMD hair growth therapy?

Because we care and work with great passion, our mission is to make people happy by helping them achieve their beauty goals. We believe that every person should feel the joy of being confident and comfortable with who they are.

At 7 Derma, we provide a wide variety of hair loss and hair regrowth therapies to meet your needs. After an initial consultation, we’ll give you personalized recommendations for treatment from the following:

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