Beginners: Online Scalp Micropigmentation Course

Beginners: Online Scalp Micropigmentation Course

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About Course

In loving memory of Olga Lelekova – 7 Derma SMP artist and trainer

On the 11th of September 2023, our beloved SMP trainer Olga Lelekova passed away unexpectedly. Our hearts are broken because we miss her so much. She left behind her devotion (SMP), she touched hundreds of hearts with her work, she was a role model and a passionate professional who loved making people happy with her work. She lived for SMP and her beloved clients and students.

In loving memory of Olga Lelekova

01.02.1966 – 11.09.2023

Her SMP inheritance will live through this online course. We don’t want to make money out of it. That’s why we’re keeping the price as low as we can to cover the expenses related to the learning platform year-round.

This beginners course is Olga’s child. She wanted to make SMP available for everyone. That’s why it’s so comprehensive. Enroll now and learn everything you need to know about SMP to start your career. At the end, you will receive a certificate.

Inside you will find lessons, quizzes, assignments, and practical exercises to get you ready.

SMP kit is NOT included.

Why this beginner’s online course is everything you need?

SMP (scalp micropigmentation) is a specialized technique used to create the appearance of hair on the scalp. It can be used to cover up areas of thinning hair and scarring or to create the appearance of a full head of shaved hair.

Interested in becoming an SMP artist? The beginner’s course is an excellent place to start, as it will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to get started in the field. This online course is a convenient way to learn the basics of SMP, as you can complete it at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.


  • Convenience: An online course can be more convenient than a traditional in-person course, as you can complete it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. This can be especially beneficial if you have a busy schedule or cannot travel to a physical location for training.
  • Saves you money: Online training is more cost-effective than in-person courses, as it has lower tuition fees and doesn’t require you to pay for additional expenses such as travel and accommodation.
  • Comprehensive: This course covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that you have a solid foundation of knowledge to start your career as an SMP artist.
  • Flexible: Offers flexibility, as you can usually access the materials at any time, allowing you to fit your studies into your schedule.
  • Premium quality: With our course, you can start practicing immediately because we give you all the rules you need to follow while doing SMP. Later, you can join our hands-on training in Dubai if you want to perfect your skills.

What’s the value for you as a starting SMP artist?

Every SMP artist starts with the basics. This course has everything you need to understand in detail the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. Since your SMP trainer Olga Lelekova is a licensed medical aesthetician, the course contains information that no other SMP trainer will share with you.

Understanding the science of skin, scalp, and hair is vital for an SMP artist for several reasons:

  • It allows you to create natural-looking results.
  • It helps you to identify and address potential issues.
  • It enables you to provide informed advice to clients.
  • It can improve the safety of the treatment.

This is a huge competitive advantage for you.

Check out the course curriculum to see how comprehensive the knowledge you’ll gain is.

Is this course practical?

Yes. We’ve dedicated several sections of the course to help you exercise the SMP technique safely at home:

  • How to draw all types of hairlines;
  • How to set up your device, trolley, and treatment room;
  • Pigment dilution, preservation, and skin matching;
  • Practising tattoo depth, rhythm, and speed;
  • Getting used to holding the device;
  • Designing your own SMP pattern.

You can even upload your homework so we can check it, evaluate it, and guide you on improvement.
We don’t want you to go through the lessons and end up only listening – you will do quizzes and assignments to work on your skills.

Why choose 7 Derma Academy?

7 Derma Academy is a legally functioning training institution in Dubai with UAE and internationally recognized certifications. Get the chance to learn from the best SMP artist in the Middle East – Olga Lelekova, and kick-start your career as an SMP artist.

Our comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled and successful SMP artist. You’ll learn about the latest techniques and technologies and how to create natural-looking results for your clients.

What’s next after the online training?

While an online course can provide a solid foundation, it may not be enough to help you perfect your SMP skills. You’ll need guidance from experienced artists that will tell you where your mistakes are and what you can do to improve your performance. Consider gaining additional training and experience through hands-on training.

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Course Content

Welcome to the complete SMP course - online. My name is Olga Lelekova - the best SMP artist for the Middle East 2022. My goal is to teach you the basic theory of SMP and equip you with all tools and exercises to kick-start your career. Let's begin!

  • Welcome!

The story of SMP

Everything you need to know about hair loss
There are many potential causes of hair loss, which can be very complex and emotional. In the next lesson, we'll explore all of them. Why do you need to know this medical topic? Because you'll be welcoming different people with different hair loss problems. Some will be suitable for SMP; some won't. Your responsibility is to refer them to the correct specialist and prevent complications. If you are in doubt - it is essential to ask your client to speak with a healthcare provider or a dermatologist.

Scalp skin science
Scalp skin science is a field that focuses on the study of the skin on the scalp and the hair that grows from it. This includes the structure and function of the scalp and the various factors that can affect scalp health, such as genetics, diet, and environmental factors. Why do you need to know about scalp skin science? Your clients will have different skin types, and you'll be able to achieve different results each time you execute SMP. Some scalp types are problematic - you need to recognize them and provide a solution that will help you achieve the best results.

Hair science
Hair science studies the structure, function, and biology of hair. It is a broad field that encompasses many aspects of hair, including its physical and chemical properties, how it grows and is maintained, and the various factors that can affect hair health. Why do you need to understand hair science? To help your clients achieve the best appearance possible. Sometimes SMP is not enough - you need to suggest to your clients a suitable hairstyle that will make their results more appealing. And not only - knowing how the hair grows, what's its structure and texture, will help you choose the suitable pigment, techniques, and number of sessions.

Scalp micropigmentation: Hairline theory
The hairline is an essential aspect of scalp micropigmentation because it frames the face and can significantly impact a person's appearance. A well-designed hairline can help to create a natural and balanced look, while a poorly designed hairline can be noticeable and unappealing. The hairline theory in scalp micropigmentation refers to the principles and techniques used to design and create a natural-looking hairline during the scalp micropigmentation process. This may include considerations such as the shape and density of the hairline, the placement of the hairline on the forehead, and the use of different shades of pigment to create the illusion of natural hair.

SMP equipment
SMP or scalp micropigmentation equipment is important for every artist because it is a vital tool in the scalp micropigmentation process. SMP equipment creates the appearance of short, shaved hair on the scalp by depositing pigment into the skin. SMP equipment is essential for every artist because it is used to create precise and consistent results. The right equipment can help an artist control the depth and placement of the pigment, which is vital for creating a natural-looking hairline and achieving the desired result. In addition to the equipment itself, it is also important for artists to thoroughly understand how to use it properly and safely. This includes understanding the proper sterilization and maintenance of the equipment and how to operate it in a way that is comfortable and safe for the client.

Guidance and information
If you are a new SMP artist, here are some important guidelines and information that you should be aware of.

Practical exercises
It is important to practice scalp micropigmentation (SMP) on paper or other non-human surfaces, such as a watermelon, before practicing on a real model for several reasons: Safety: Practicing on paper or a watermelon allows you to get a feel for the SMP equipment and techniques without the risk of causing any harm to a real person. This is especially important for new artists who are still learning and may not yet have the skills and experience to work on a live model. Accuracy: Practicing on non-human surfaces can help you develop a sense of accuracy and control with the SMP equipment. This can be especially helpful in learning how to create fine lines and achieve a natural-looking hairline. Confidence: Practicing on paper or a watermelon can help you build confidence in your skills and techniques before working on a live model. This can help to reduce anxiety and improve your overall performance during the treatment. Efficiency: Practicing on non-human surfaces can help you to become more efficient and precise with your SMP techniques. This can help to reduce the overall treatment time and improve the results for your clients.

Marketing for SMP artists
Marketing is essential for a new SMP artist because it can help to establish your brand and promote your services to potential clients. Marketing can also help you differentiate yourself from other SMP artists and attract the type of clients you want to work with. By implementing a marketing strategy and promoting your services, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

Next steps in your career
If you are a beginner artist in the field of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), there are several steps you can take to help develop your career. By following these steps, you can take your job in SMP to the next level and build a successful business.

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