Aesthetic Treatments

We provide special care for every area that needs extra attention such as face, skin, body and weight management, hair and nails.

  1. Facials & Peels

    Say good-bye to any skin imperfections such as acne, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines or any signs of aging. We are here to keep you young for long! Confide in us with our modern methods of performing facials and peels.

  2. Face contouring & Semi-permanent makeup

    Skin lifting, toning and tightening, botox, fillers, permanent make-up. Tired of fighting with time? We have the most suitable therapies to keep your face glowing and youthful. Try them and see the results for yourself!

  3. Slimming & Tightening

    Weight loss has never been easier. Take advantage of the latest treatments for cellulite and body fat reduction, tattoo and veins removal. Here at 7 Derma we make your life easier and full of confidence!

  4. Hair loss treatments & Hair removal

    Experience the full potential of modern dermatology with our advanced dermatological diagnostics and treatments. Come to our center and breathe in health and beauty… and calmly exhale problems and stress!

    We are experts at giving your hair growth a second chance. Try our innovative treatments for hair loss and find out what magic actually means… Or perhaps you struggle with excess hair? Do yourself a favor and visit us for permanent hair removal!

Latest Offers

Beauty & Aesthetics

We take care of your appearance by offering non-invasive, FDA approved and safe aesthetic therapies. Cosmetic skincare has never been so easy to approach and so affordable! Choose between different beauty offers and boost your confidence! You deserve it!

Laser Hair Removal

We use the most advanced system in the world for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai – without causing any pain it permanently deactivates the hair follicle which leads to impaired hair growth. Less sessions. Better results. No pain.

Face Contouring

Lift, tighten and tone your skin by choosing beauty revolutionary procedures which remove skin imperfections. They are all non-surgical and have no downtime. Safe. Painless. With no side effects and no downtime. Enjoy your amazing skin!

Facials and Peels

Here at 7 Derma you can find wide range of facials and peels which aim to purify, hydrate and revitalize your skin. Our treatments successfully cure conditions like acne, melasma, chloasma, lentigo, black heads and other skin inflammations.

Semi-permanent makeup

Save time from applying daily make-up, set free from allergies to cosmetics or restore lost pigmentation due to constructive surgery. Our professional permanent make-up can help you achieve your individual goals.

Slimming & Tightening

Lose weight and eradicate cellulite with our painless, effortless and highly effective aesthetic treatments – SculpSure, Vela Shape III and Mesotherapy Lipo for weight loss and cellulite reduction. No cutting. Fast and long-lasting results.







We have more than 15 years of experience in Aesthetics. We are experts at what we do!


We work with the latest technologies and we are ready to do magic on you!


Our services are easy of approach – pay online or at the clinic. Easy, flexible and trustworthy!


We have flexible appointment schedule no matter the day. Your wish is our command!


We have competitive prices. We want you to get the best services in town on best prices!


Our work requires concentration, discipline and professionalism, but we never forget to smile!


The clinic has great location: Jumeirah – the center of beauty and luxury.


We speak English, Arabic, Russian and Bulgarian. Meet your needs for beauty in your own language!

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