VelaShape 3 [Package Deals]

AED 500 excl. VAT

We have the amazing opportunity of Vela Shape – anti-cellulite treatment.

Original price per session and area: AED500

Monthly Offer:

One area

Three sessions AED 1300 [-200 Dhs OFF]
Six sessions: AED 2400 [-600 Dhs OFF]
12 sessions: AED 4500 [-1500 Dhs OFF]

Vela Shape III + SculpSure Slimming (SS)

✔ 4 Applicators + 3 Sessions VelaShape III = 2999 AED
✔ 8 Applicators + 6 Sessions VelaShape III = 4999 AED

Learn more about SculpSure.

We offer flexible payments: pay in 4 months with four installments!

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What is VelaShape 3?

VelaShape aims at cellulite reduction and skin tightening. The treatment combines IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies. Both cause heating in the depth of fat cells, their surrounding connective fibrous septae, and the underlying dermal collagen fibers.  Those components, when put together, are powerful tools for destroying fat tissue and toning the skin.

VelaShape device produces heat that reaches the subcutaneous tissue layers. The radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and strengthening the dermis. VelaShape has four dimensions multi-channel model that distributes heat evenly over the deepest layers of the skin. This promotes better blood circulation and thus – cellulite reduction and skin tightening. At the same time, the device performs vacuuming action to reduce excess fat and distribute the fat cells evenly. Vacuuming is needed for even better results.

Benefits of VelaShape 3 for cellulite reduction and skin tightening

  • It is FDA approved;
  • It is a non-surgical treatment with no recovery time;
  • It penetrates deep into the skin for maximum results;
  • It is painless, simple, and comfortable;
  • Gives visible, long-lasting results even after the first session;
  • Stimulates collagen production;
  • Reduces cellulite and improves skin tone.

Why choose 7 Derma for VelaShape 3?

Because we care! We do know how many women struggle with cellulite and skin sagging. We’ve become advocates for skincare and beauty. And we are ready to help you achieve your goals with the latest aesthetics technologies for cellulite reduction and skin toning.

With more than 15 years of experience in Aesthetics, we know how to treat cosmetic conditions. And we offer you the best attitude for your needs– because we know how personal it is for you the way you look and feel. Let us be your partners in helping you feel better in your skin!

Get your special offer by calling us for an appointment. We are ready to show you how perfect you can be!

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