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Original price was: AED 1 500.Current price is: AED 1 199. excl. VAT

LaseMD is a revolutionary laser – suitable for all skin types, colors, and conditions. Results are dramatic, and the price is affordable.

Please, read the full treatment described below.

Original price: AED 1500

Promo prices:

1 session >> AED 1,199 (AED 1,500)
3 sessions >> AED 2,999 (AED 4,500)

Promo combo:

[1 session] LaseMD + stem cells + HydraFacial >> AED 1,999 (AED 4,000)
[1 session] LaseMD + Stem cells OR PRP >> AED 1,800 (AED 2,500)
[3 sessions] LaseMD + Stem cells OR PRP >> AED 4,500 (AED 7,500)

LaseMD can be combined with PRP, stem cells, and rejuvenation cocktails. Ask your aesthetician how to boost your results.

Flexible payments: 4 months, 4 instalments

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Thanks to technological advancement, you can enjoy a 20-minute skin tightening with dramatic results. The more innovation becomes a global value, the better treatments you can take advantage of.

With LaseMD, you can free your skin from uneven texture and pigmentation of any kind. The best news is that LaseMD is suitable for all skin types, conditions, and colors.

What is LaseMD?

The Lutronic laser penetrates deeply into the skin while leaving the skin surface intact. It elects energy beams that create microchannels into the skin. These microchannels stimulate the two main components for healthy and beautiful skin – collagen and elastin. If we apply an additional solution to the skin (for example, PRP, Mesotherapy, rejuvenating mask, or else), the microchannels will help it reach its destination more effectively.

The treatment is capable of removing up to 5 years off of your face with only one 20-minute lunch break session. The added benefit is that LaseMD treats all skin conditions – pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines, mild wrinkles, etc.

Does LaseMD have only one program?

No. LaseMD has multiple levels of treatment power.

  • Level 1 – mild skin conditions, skin refreshment;
  • Level 2 – sun damage, mild pigmentation, and fine lines;
  • Level 3 – wrinkles, acne, severe pigmentation, and skin blemishes.

To find out what power level is best suitable for your skin, please come to a free consultation. Our medical aestheticians will give you complete information and personalized recommendations.

Who is a suitable candidate for LaseMD?

LaseMD is suitable for all skin types, all skin conditions, and colors. We can apply the treatment even if you have tanned skin.

Greatly suitable for:

  • Fine lines and mild wrinkles;
  • Skin blemishes;
  • Melasma;
  • Uneven skin tone;
  • Sun damage;
  • Acne.

Benefits of the laser

The laser is literally beneficial for any skin condition and type. It’s simple, fast, and with guaranteed results. This process makes it the perfect treatment for any skin issue.

  • Quick – 20 mins;
  • Minimal downtime;
  • Non-surgical;
  • Suitable for everyone;
  • Treats a wide range of skin conditions;
  • Affordable.

How many sessions do you need?

You will see optimal results in between 3 and 6 sessions. Depending on the level of the treatment, you might need up to a month’s rest in between sessions. Please, consult with your medical aesthetician.

What to expect after the treatment?

Your skin recovery will depend on how powerful your treatment level was. You will see visible results a minimum of ten days after the treatment. Complete results you will see between 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

We recommend you track your results by taking pictures before, during, and after the treatment. Each day will reveal better results.

Right after the treatment, you will experience mild redness as if you came back from the beach. If you underwent a more powerful laser level, your skin might flake slightly in the following days.

Why choose 7 Derma for your non-surgical skin tightening and pigmentation cure?

Because we are devoted to bringing you the best results. Our mission is to listen, understand and help. We love what we do, and we do it with great passion. 7 Derma stays up-to-date with all aesthetic innovations to provide you with the latest advancements for beauty. Here you find a one-stop solution to all of your aesthetic concerns.

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