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September 5, 2021

LaseMD vs. HIFU – Which Is Best For My Condition?

The difference between LaseMD and HIFU

Aging is inevitable. In the past, women didn’t have much choice but to observe how their skin changes. They knew that this process is irreversible. Now women worldwide are up-to-date with each new skin tightening and skin lift technology – they are numerous and work differently.

The same applies to the two most popular methods – laser treatments and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). We prepared this article to make things very clear and supply you with the knowledge to help you choose a suitable treatment.

By reading it, you’ll understand what the difference between laser skin treatments and HIFU therapies is. You will be amazed at how many details they have. Eventually, you’ll conclude that trusting your therapist is your most secure way to get the results you want.

LaseMD for skin tightening & pigmentation free skin

All laser treatments, including LaseMD, are superficial. They target the upper layers of the skin (epidermis) to stimulate rejuvenation. LaseMD creates micro nano-channels into the skin, which help other solutions to penetrate directly into the skin and do their magic.


For example, you want to do LaseMD + PRP. The laser creates shortcut pathways for the PRP solution to reach deep into the skin. Without the laser, PRP may stay only on the skin surface with minimal penetration. LaseMD maximizes the absorption of revitalizing compounds by penetrating the skin barrier.

Consider laser treatments as skin tightening treatments. Since they work on the upper layers of the skin, they lead to redness and puffiness right after the treatment.

Complimentary solutions to LaseMD

Since LaseMD boosts the effect of all additional solutions, it’s worth combining the laser with different treatments.

  • PRP and stem cells for anti-aging effect and scars removal;
  • Ingredients for pigmentation reduction;
  • Non-peeling solutions for acne treatment.

Depending on your skin’s needs, we can apply the most suitable solutions in combination with LaseMD. The laser will pave the way to optimal results.

We recommend using LaseMD for

  • Fine lines;
  • Pigmentation (melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and dark scars);
  • Skin toning;
  • Texture fixing.

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HIFU for skin lifting and anti-age effect

HIFU is an ultrasound technology that can reach the facial muscles – at 4.5 mm depth. The heat elicited by the HIFU device warms up the muscles, and they tighten. After the treatment, the skin muscle begins to heal and elongate – the process leads to the lifting of the skin.

During the treatment, our specialists use two types of applicators: 4.5 mm and 3 mm depth. The first one reaches the muscle (subcutaneous layer). The second one activates the middle skin layer (the dermis).

By targeting the deepest layers of the skin, HIFU creates space for incredible skin restoration and skin lift. You will see an immediate lifting effect right after the treatment, but optimal results show up to 3 months after the procedure. The results progress in time.

HIFU doesn’t cause any redness or puffiness after the treatment. See the video below to find out how your skin looks like before and after the treatment.


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Complimentary solutions to HIFU

HIFU works only the deepest layers of the skin. This is why you won’t see any visible ‘damaging’ on your epidermal layer. To achieve optimal results, we recommend combining HIFU with other treatments that work the superficial skin layer.

  • Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP);
  • Mesotherapy;
  • Aqua gold;
  • DMK enzyme therapy;
  • Laser carbon peel.

Learn more about the combination of HIFU + the treatment above: 5 Facial To Combine With 3D HIFU

We recommend using HIFU for

  • Mild to moderate skin sagging;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids.

An NCBI study found that:

94% of people described improvement in skin lifting at a 3-month follow-up visit. Improvement in appearance persisted for at least six months.

The takeaway from this study is that HIFU brings results that last for half a year. Patients need additional HIFU treatments once the natural aging process takes over.

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Final words

The best way to choose the most suitable treatment for your skin is to trust an experienced medical aesthetician or a dermatologist. They will give you precise guidance because they have the education, practice, and knowledge about the full details of all treatments.

In general: Use LaseMD if you want skin tightening or pigmentation reduction. Use HIFU if you experience saggy skin and want to lift it.

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