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Face & skin care

In this blog category, you’ll find all face and skin care related articles. Get to know all treatments you’re interested in.

2 Effective Dark Lips Treatments

Lp pigmentation (a.k.a. dark lips) is one of the most common concerns in the Middle East. Why? The biggest risk factors are sun exposure and inflammation. Without proper protection, most people get darker lips. Even if this pigmentation is harmless for your health or easily hidden with lipstick (if you’re a lady), the insecurity stays […]

Face & skin care

Facelift: Top 5 Non-surgical Treatments

The traditional surgical facelift is not the only option anymore. When we get to our 30s, we start thinking deeply about life, youth, and the future before us. We are so used to looking young and attractive that we’re allured to find every possible way to keep it. Did you know that ageing can be […]

Face & skin care

BB Glow Treatment Is So Famous, But Why?

Do you use foundation, powders, bb creams, or cc creams? Then you will be happy to find out that you don’t need them anymore with BB glow treatment. It’s specially designed to add a layer of semi-permanent makeup and at the same time restore your skin’s health. How? Let’s find out together. Why is the […]

Face & skin care

Cosmelan And Dermamelan: 12 Questions About Pigmentation

Pigmentation can happen due to many factors such as hormonal changes, sun damage after inflammation, or skin injury. All types of pigmentation can be treated with suitable therapies and patience. Today we’ll introduce you to two very famous hyperpigmentation treatments – Cosmelan and Dermamelan. Patients often ask us what the difference is between the two. […]

Face & skin care

4 Ways Biorevitalization Helps Your Skin

Biorevitalization is a unique aesthetic technology that helps you obtain a younger, brighter, and fresher skin appearance. It’s specifically designed to nourish any skin with extra hyaluronic acid – and you know that this acid is crucial for having elastic and radiant skin. Biorevitalization is useful for fighting the most popular skin conditions: Dryness; Aging; […]

Face & skin care

6 Ways To Lighten Your Skin Without Peeling

Peeling is uncomfortable – seeing your skin dry and husky can decrease your excitement for different results. Not to mention that usually, you cannot apply any makeup during the peeling period. On top of that, going to work, meeting with people, and outdoors just feeling… awkward. For all of you who’d love to avoid this […]

Face & skin care

5 Facials To Combine With 3D HIFU

Modern Aesthetics is advancing rapidly to provide women around the world with a solution for non-invasive skin lifts. 3D HIFU is the ultimate non-invasive technology for reducing saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines. We’re accustomed to the belief that only surgical treatments can provide visible and long-lasting results. Not anymore. 3D HIFU can prove you wrong. […]

Face & skin care
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