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November 4, 2021

Why Scalp Micropigmentation cost seems expensive? But it’s NOT

7 Derma SMP with Olga

Is the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment (SMP) worth the cost? Absolutely.
But don’t trust just our words. Go and do your research to feel more confident that your treatment will go well and the results will be excellent beyond what you’ve expected.

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the best hair loss solutions to cover up balding patterns and improve density for thinning hair – for men and women. The final result delivers improved hair density, natural hair look, and an optical illusion of hair growth resembling actual hair follicles. Guess what – with yearly touch-ups, you’ll have a long-term effect – up to 5 years, depending on your skin type. 

The typical pullback for most people is the price of SMP. This article will explain what stands behind the pricing and how SMP compares to other hair loss treatments.

First of all, we’d like to remind you that there’s no cheap and fast lane treatment for hair loss fix. All types of treatments require patience, investment, and trust.

#1 Relevant education of the SMP specialist

Not everyone is eligible to become an SMP master. Some people are just born with the talent to create magic on people’s scalps. Others undergo extensive training to become good at SMP. There are certain people who practice it without any education or SMP experience.

Our SMP practitioner Olga Lelekova has the relevant education, the passion for gaining experience, and the talent to deliver outstanding results.

Education requires a lot of practical courses and staying up-to-date. The SMP field evolves very quickly, and new techniques, machines, tactics, needs come up each month. Enduring is an enormous effort of dedication, focus, and passion for being better.

Gaining knowledge from the top SMP masters, Olga undergoes the following educations:

  • Nouveau Contour – masters in Micropigmentation;
  • Scandinavian Beauty Academy – SMP specialization;
  • Elixir Academy UK – SMP scalp artist certification;
  • International Hairlines USA – Scalp Micropigmentation Repair Technic;
  • 5th AVE PMU Academy taught in Scalp Micropigmentation Hairline Master.

We want to quote Olga’s words:

I don’t feel this as a work, I love doing SMP. Seeing the happy faces of my clients makes me passionate about SMP. I truely believe this treatment changes lives.

long hair smp

Bottom line: The scalp micropigmentation cost increases proportionally with the level of education and the certifications of the SMP specialist. The better they are, the higher the pricing, the greatest the quality.

#2 Years of practice

Having an education is one of the critical elements of making a suitable SMP. The other element is exposure. All SMP specialists start slow – with training over a melon. Then they replace the melon with volunteers. Then they gain confidence and practise on real clients.

The more they practice, the better they become. Why? Because they see their mistakes, they find solutions, and they improve daily.

Our SMP specialist Olga Lelekova has 5+ years of constant daily experience. She is better than yesterday, and she’ll be even better after tomorrow. 

scalp micropigmentation with olga

Bottom line: New SMP specialists take it slow and charge less. The risks are there – if they mess up, you’ll be the one taking the effects. The more experienced the specialist is, the more confident they are in their skills and pricing.

#3 Scalp Micropigmentation materials

SMP looks like a regular tattoo, but it’s not. Everything that the SMP master uses differs from the typical tattoo:

  • Type of ink;
  • Type of needles;
  • Techniques to get the job done. 

The side-effects of using traditional tattoo ink over the scalp are colour change to blue-ish, ink fading, ink dissolving, too big and unrealistic dots. All of these side-effects will lead to SMP repair, and you’ll have to pay double – for the bad SMP and the SMP repair.

Bottom line: A typical tattoo specialist cannot execute a successful SMP. If you choose a non-SMP professional, the results will be harmful, and you’ll have to pay for a repair.

Learn more about SMP repair.

#4 Scalp areas for SMP, additional sessions, and work hours

The pricing of SMP depends on several scalp characteristics:

  • Number of balding areas;
  • Scalp area size;
  • Required sessions;
  • Dedicated work hours.

All balding patterns are grouped into a chart called the Norwood scale. By looking at the scale, you can figure out how many areas you’ll need for SMP.

Norwood scale in SMP

Picture credits to baldandbeards.com.

Scalp mapping at 7 Derma

Each clinic decides how to present its pricing – using the Norwood scale or using a different representation.

In 7 Derma Center, we use a much simpler method to communicate our prices.

Each scalp area is approximately AED 1750. We divide the whole scalp into 8 different zones. Meaning that the entire scalp will be around AED 10,000 – 14,000 depending on its size, baldness pattern, and sessions needed.

Scalp Micropigmentation ZonesScalp zones on top of head

The prices are a representation of the following:

  • Education and experience needed to execute the treatment;
  • Estimated time to complete a session – entire scalp requires 3-5 hours of work each session;
  • Estimated session to get complete results – each area requires 2-5 sessions for completion;
  • Materials used for successful treatment.

Bottom line: SMP’s price consists of evident and non-obvious components. The obvious is the number and the size of the area. The hidden: expertise, education, quality of the materials, number of work hours, and number of sessions. The SMP treatment is very complex, and each SMP practitioner’s work deserves respect.

#5 SMP price vs hair transplant surgery price 

Hair transplant became a trendy hair loss solution. We’ll not comment on the pros and cons of the treatment. We’ve done this in the following article: SMP vs Hair transplant – what to choose?

Many people argue that the cost of scalp micropigmentation is the same as the cost of hair transplant surgery. As with SMP, hair transplant also has surgeries with premium quality and surgeries with low quality. Low-quality surgeries may cost as much as an SMP. If you want good results and excellent execution, the price for a whole head might reach up to AED 60,000.

The Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic says:

The average starting cost of a hair transplant in Dubai is AED 13,500. The price is calculated based on per graft cost, AED 10 to AED 12 per graft for FUT Hair Transplant and AED 15 to AED 20 per graft for FUE Hair Transplant.

#6 SMP in different continents

Dubai is considered a relatively expensive city with high lifestyle standards. Nonetheless, the UAE is not the pioneer in SMP. The first reported use of micropigmentation on the scalp was back in 2001 by Dr Alvaro Traquina. He aimed at fixing scalp scarring and blending it with the existing hair. The most popular destinations for SMP in the world are the USA and the UK. 

Over the years, SPM has gained massive trust and popularity amongst clinics, professionals, and clients worldwide. 

Below you’ll see the average pricing in different countries – leaders in SMP.

smp 7 derma price list

*We looked at clinics worldwide, calculating the average cost for all SMP procedures. Prices are estimated based on current costs as of November 2021. The cost of SMP varies based on the currency, country, treatment popularity and zones specifics.

Disclaimer: 7 Derma Center reserves the right to update its pricing policies regarding SMP without notification. The above prices are valid at the moment of publishing the article – November 2021. Please, keep an eye on our SMP product page for further updates and promotions.


The SMP treatment is most popular in the USA and the UK. Thus the prices in those countries are much higher in other places of the world. SMP is slowly gaining popularity in the UAE – at this moment, prices are very competitive compared to the USA & UK markets. The more popular the treatments become, the higher the prices will jump. So act now!

Trained by top UK and USA trainers, 7 Derma Center can provide you with high-quality SMP performed by Olga Lelekova. Jump to her Instagram to see SMP before and after pictures.

7 Derma Center is the first UAE clinic based in Dubai recommended by Team Micro International – leaders to offer the world’s best SMP places.

Contact us for a FREE initial consultation.

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