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May 18, 2021

Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets: How to Repair a Bad SMP Result?

Scalp Micropigmentation for men

Scalp micropigmentation regrets are getting more common. Since Scalp Micropigmentation is already internationally recognized for its benefits to camouflage hair loss, many practitioners take advantage of the trend. Truly SMP it’s one of the best treatments which saves you tons of unneeded hair solutions, lost hopes for hair growth, and time to wait for a miracle to happen.

Indeed, this procedure is viral, especially amongst men and women who experience hair loss. The hair tattoo creates natural results and an illusion of having actual hair follicles. Furthermore, the results are stunning – it looks as if you’ve grown your hair. Congrats!

Its popularity, though, should not be mistaken for being easy to execute. Above all, your SMP professional should be certified, experienced and should use the right products to deliver excellent results.

Due to lack of knowledge, we often receive inquiries from clients who’ve done a bad SMP and regret it. They are not happy with their results due to low expertise and thus the low price. In this article, we’ll see the reasons for SMP failure and how to choose the right practitioner for your needs.

#1 Why does an SMP procedure go wrong?

Every good practitioner will tell you that SMP results depend primarily on the person who does the treatment. It’s important to be aware of their choices for needles, pigments, expertise, experience, certification, and more. In a word, the lousy result can be a complex of many factors.

Here are some:

  • Wrong insertion of pigmentation depth;
  • Unsuitable type of needles;
  • Machines that are not suitable for SMP;
  • Incorrect pigment inserted;
  • Bad hairline design;
  • Lack of SMP training;
  • No layering and texture.

smp before and after

#2 What to look for when choosing a good professional?

It’s imperative to check each profession for their:

  • Education and training;
  • Certificates and diplomas;
  • Years of practice;
  • A visual portfolio of their work;
  • Reviews of their achieved results.

Necessary: Although the price is significant for each individual, this particular procedure expertise should be your №1 priority. Low prices can lead to subpar work and consequently to a further need for repair. Finally, the whole treatment will cost you almost double.

#3 Why is the price of Scalp Micropigmentation different?

Accurate and professional Scalp Micropigmentation procedure is costly. The reason behind the high price is very complex. Here are the factors which determine the price:

Investment in education;

  • Years of instruction and practice;
  • Unique materials and their quality – needles, pigments;
  • Long hours of work – each session can take up to 4 hours.

Thus, every decision of your practitioner will determine how their work will influence your final result.

#4 How necessary are the tools and techniques your SMP professional uses?

Some practitioners don’t have education in SMP – they are tattoo artists. Consequently, the lack of training leads to poor quality. SMP specialists and tattoo artists use different types of needles and pigments. It’s crucial to understand that these two procedures look similar but are completely different when it comes to execution.

For example, SMP practitioners use 3 RL needles (3 round liner needles) whose width is 0.15 to 0.35 depending on the client’s scalp and hair type. To sum up, these specifications are fundamental because they help your practitioner create stunning results.

Pigments are carbon-based and are designed for the needs of SMP procedures. Of course, we can adjust the colour depending on the client’s hair colour. On the other hand, traditional tattoo pigments have different concentrations and structures.

Incorrect use of needles and pigments (for traditional tattoo or semi-permanent makeup) can lead to colour migration. After the treatment, you might not notice it, but the mistake will show up in a few days or weeks.

smp repair result

#5 How can a bad SMP be repaired?

When an artist uses incorrect needles, pigments and techniques may lead to:

  • Fading and blurring of the dots;
  • Patches;
  • Blue out;
  • Too much density.

However, we eliminate your SMP regret by using:

  • laser for tattoo removal + new SMP procedure. Thankfully SMP dots are superficial, and we can remove them with only one session provided they are unique. If they are old, it might take up to 3 visits for laser removal.
  • rejuvi tattoo removal + new SMP procedure. Rejuvi tattoo removal uses a paste with the same structure as the tattoo pigments + acid. We insert the solution into the dots by using tattoo needles, and they disappear.

Old SMP tattoos may not require laser tattoo removal sessions. Depending on the case, we can create new dots to blend the old work. Therefore we’ll be happy to welcome you for a FREE consultation to determine what type of repair you’d need.

Bad smp before and after

Our expertise in Scalp Micropigmentation

7 Derma Center is not only an aesthetic clinic but also a reputed SMP company.

We’re happy to share with you that our SMP professional, Olga Lelekova, has the training, multiple certifications, and long experience in Scalp Micropigmentation and bad SMP repair. In fact, every day she meets clients who hope for great results and are impatient to build more confidence.

Moreover, she’s specialized in:

  • Team Micro – Introduction to Scalp Micropigmentation;
  • Scandinavian Beauty academy – specialized in Scalp Micropigmentation;
  • International Hairlines trained in Scalp Micropigmentation Repair Technic;
  • 5th AVE PMU Academy taught in Scalp Micropigmentation Hairline Master.

Additionally, you can check the complete information and see her certification on her webpage.
Also, her Instagram profile is rich in before & after results for Scalp Micropigmentation. Check it out.

Please, contact us to book a FREE consultation with Olga Lelekova.

Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair loss ,


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