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May 2, 2020

4 Types of Treatments To Do While Under Quarantine

find time for the treatments which you've been procrastinating

Do you still consider quarantine as a bad thing? Surprise! Not for your beauty needs. We can always find positive aspects of any situation. For instance while you’re under quarantine you can do the treatments you’ve always avoided:

Those that require a downtime.

Downtime is the period during which the body/skin heals and recovers. Although aesthetic treatments are non-invasive some of them require time to actually show results. In our opinion all treatments with downtime are worth it because they have powerful transformation qualities.

No pain, no gain.

In normal times when you go to work or visit social places it might be very uncomfortable to show yourself to others while your treatment’s downtime is in progress. This is why COVID-19 quarantine is the best time to get the benefit of highly effective beauty treatments.

Let’s see some real examples.

#1 Skin Lifts and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

We love the results from CO2 Laser, Dermapen, Bio-revitalization and Mesotherapy for Eye area. But they take patience since they have up to 10 days downtime. Results nonetheless are totally worth it!

CO2 Laser Fractional Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Treatment is one of the most desired treatments ever. It completely restructures your skin with laser light. This makes it produce more collagen and build up a fresh new skin – looking younger than ever. It’s a great solution for scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, stretch marks.

Downtime: 7-10 days

Many women stay away from it because it has a long downtime during which it’s recommended to stay at home. Why? Because your skin will start peeling – it’s very important to not force the peeling process, to hydrate the skin and to not put on makeup. During the recovery time the skin is very sensitive and prone to inflammation.


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Result: After the downtime you won’t even believe how clear, fresh and attractive your skin will look. Just have the patience to go through those 7-10 days and miracles will happen for your skin!

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Dermapen (Microneedling)

The Dermapen treatment is completely toralable and most women prefer it because it has mild downtime and it’s not light affected – after the treatment you can go out and expose yourself to the sun without side effects. Microneedling is the process of ‘injuring’ the skin with tiny needles and infusing it with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, anti-oxidants.

Downtime: 3-5 days

During recovery time you might experience redness and itchiness. It’s perfect for treating tired skin, slight pigmentations, fine lines, stretch marks, scars. The treatment is much more nourishing rather than skin restructuring.

Result: Your skin will bring back its glow since it will be infused with vital nutrients. This will help it produce more collagen and boost its ability to recover.

Bio revitalization and Mesotherapy Injections (eye area)

Both treatments are injectable but they have different ingredients and applications.

Downtime: 2-3 days

  • Bio-revitalization – injections full of hyaluronic acid that can be applied over the whole face, neck and decolletage. Bio-revitalization is more suitable for anti-age purposes. Nourishes, hydrates the skin and fills fine lines.


  • Mesotherapy Lite – blend of nutrients for eye area injections. Mesotherapy is usually used for tired eye area skin – dark circles, under eye bags.


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Depending on your skin condition your therapist will recommend the better solution for you!

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#2 Treatments for Hyperpigmentation

All Hyperpigmentation treatments require home care after the treatment and avoiding sunlight. Excess sun exposure is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation. This is why during downtime it’s best to stay at home, apply after care products and avoid pollution, sunlight. This will help your skin recover and see the full benefits of the chosen treatments.

Hyperpigmentation treatments (5-7 days downtime):

  • Cosmelan (7-10 days) – Cosmelan is a lighter version of Dermamelan;
  • Dermamelan (7-10 days) – Very strong peel for Hyperpigmentation issues;
  • Epidermal pigmentations removal of freckles and lentigines (7-10 days) – removal is done with special equipment;
  • Mela peel (5-7 days) – mild peel for Hyperpigmentation.

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, please always consult with an experienced therapist. They will give you recommendations for the most suitable treatments for YOUR individual needs. Let them take care of you.

#3 Semi-permanent Tattoo Treatments

Semi-permanent tattoo treatments have very mild recovery time. Usually you experience redness – still uncomfortable to show up all reddish amongst other people. At this downtime period is very important to follow your SPMU specialist directions so you don’t get the area inflamed.

SPMU for Hair Loss Masking

Scalp Micropigmentation is almost a genius treatment. Suitable for men and women who’d like to make their scalp and hair look fuller, growing and beautiful. After the initial treatment the ink needs 5-7 days to absorb, the skin needs 5-7 days to recover from the tattoo injury. Then you get a touch up which will help you boost your results.

Downtime: 5-7 days


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Result: Completely natural look. After that you will be able to keep the results for about 5-10 years with regular touch ups – once a year.

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SMPU for Beauty

These are the treatments that usually boost your beauty lines and are most wanted by women. Same rules apply here too – visible redness after the treatment and risk of inflammation since the skin is injured by needles and tattoo ink. So aftercare is very important. It’s best to keep your skin away from pollution and water during the first 3 days.

Downtime: 4-5 days

SPMU treatments:

  • Microblading;
  • Eyeliner tattoo;
  • Eyebrows tattoo;
  • Lips tattoo.

Results: They depend on your beautician’s skills. At 7 Derma Olga Lelekova is the main SPMU artist with more than 10 years of experience. Celebrities and beauty mavens have given her trust for their looks and she never disappoints. You can see her gallery on Instagram or on our website.

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#4 Body Contouring Treatments

Slimming and tightening non-invasive treatments are great alternatives to surgical liposuction. In contrast to scalpel treatments, non-invasive have mild downtime and it’s usually swelling, pain and redness. The discomfort can take 5-10 days to go away.

If you feel itchiness and swelling this is a great sign: the treatments melt away fat!

Results: They are seen even after the first session. With SculpSure you can melt up to 24% fat just with 1 session of 25-minutes long.

So take advantage of the COVID-19 Quarantine. There are so many ways you can treat yourself with effective therapies that will show you the beauty potential of your skin and body. Contact us for a FREE online consultation and together we will choose the best treatment for you!

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Stay home, stay healthy!

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