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February 6, 2020

3 Facts About Scalp Micropigmentation

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Hair loss is considered as a self-esteem suppressor in modern days although this condition is rather common – studies have shown that

65% of all men see notable hair loss by the age of 35.

Quite big percentage, right?

Other studies say that 60% of men with hair loss share that they’d prefer to have hair more than money and friends. These studies help us see how people feel about their hair. In some cultures hair symbolizes strength. Imagine how a man would feel if he experience hair loss – as if he is losing his powers.

Thankfully, modern medical aesthetics have multiple solutions for returning back hair growth or rebuilding hair image. Today we’ll talk about Scalp Micropigmentation and we’ll explain what it is and what it isn’t.

Scalp micropigmentation results

#1 Scalp Micropigmentation is not a hair regrowth treatment

Treatments like PRP, Mesotherapy, hair fillers (Dr. CYJ) or hair growth factor (EGF) are designed to boost hair growth. They nourish the follicles and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. After a few sessions (depending on the chosen therapy) the patient sees 30-40% hair regrowth. The best results we’ve seen are those from combinations of hair regrowth treatment. For example:

  • PRP + Mesotherapy;
  • PRP + Mesotherapy + Dr. CYJ;
  • PRP + Dr. CYJ;
  • PRP + EGF.

Scalp Micropigmentation on the other hand is different: it uses tattoo ink to create an illusion of hair follicles. It’s a perfect solution for men who have decided to embrace buzz cut or razor short hairstyle. They don’t have to worry for maintenance – SMP takes care of it.


The benefits of SMP are quite impressive:

  • Better cost in contrast of hair regrowth treatments of hair transplant;
  • Long-lasting – years or even decades;
  • Completely safe – no side effects for your health;
  • 100% results – there is no wondering if your hair will grow and how much. You get visible effect immediately.

Additional benefit: SMP covers successfully scars on scalp due to hair transplant or injury.

#2 Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable also for women

Hair treatments sometimes are taboo for women (even for men at times). There is an explanation for this too: women tend to lose their hair when to medications, medical illness, infection or aggressive chemicals. Genes play insignificant role. Female baldness is considered as a result, not a cause of a health condition.

On the other hand there are women with thin hair which make their scalp appear quite transparent. In these cases it might be just a lifestyle issue or just a type or hair. They can use masks, oils or therapy, switch to a healthier diet and undergo psychotherapy for dealing better with their emotions. These actions will help them grow thicker hair and make it look stronger, fuller and healthier.

In both situations gaps on scalp can be masked with SMP successfully – filling them with tiny dots that can make hair appear fuller.

Trends for women scalp micropigmentation: It’s a common request from women to have their hair line tattooed. It’s a great way to bold the hair line and make it look more define.

Important: Before deciding on going for hair regrowth or scalp micropigmentation always consult with an experienced doctor or aesthetician. They will give you the best options for your goals.

#3 Hair tattoo is long lasting

Although the treatment is called “semi-permanent”, it lasts for a long time. Once it’s done with regular touch up every 1-3 years you can have your SMP intact for years (10 years or even more). In the beginning you might have 2-3 or even 4 visits to your aesthetician until you reach your desired look.

Before and after results SMP 7 Derma

The longevity of the tattoo also depends on your after treatment care and lifestyle.

Short term after care:

  • 3 days after the treatment you mustn’t wash or touch your scalp;
  • During these 3 days you should also avoid any situation in which you might provoke sweating: working out (cardion, weight lifting or anything vigorous movement), SPA, stressful situation, sun exposure and etc.;
  • On the 4th day you can wash your scalp ONLY with water (no shampoo or soap);
  • After the 4th day you can also moisturize your scalp with hydrating creams or lotions;
  • For the first 30 days use sunscreen with 50 SPF.

Long term care:

  • Avoid sun exposure. For males it would be the easiest to use sunscreen. Ladies on the other hand should use umbrellas, hats or else to protect their scalp;
  • Use moisturizers for your scalp and always remove dead skin;
  • Avoid using any products that contain alcohol. Always carefully check out the ingredients list;
  • In every 1-3 years go for a touch up to refresh the tattoo. We always recommend yearly visits to the clinic so we can evaluate if you need one or maybe come back next year.

By following these steps you will be able to keep the results for even decades.


It’s free! Come at 7 Derma in Jumeirah 3 and you will talk with our certified semi-permanent makeup artist and medical aesthetician Olga Lelekova. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field, great portfolio and she’s helped numerous men and women to get back their confidence. Contact us for booking.

Hair loss is a condition with many great solutions – Scalp Micropigmentation is one of them.

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