Dermamelan Peel

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Dermamelan is the stronger version of Cosmelan treatment. It is a very efficient aesthetic treatment for Hyperpigmentation. It inhibits melanin production and evens out the pigmentation.

See Cosmelan Peel.


Dermamelan mask >> AED 1,999
Dermamelan cream >> AED 1,600

Hydra cream >> AED 400
SPF cream >> AED 400

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What is Dermamelan?

Dermamelan is a highly effective clinic treatment for hyperpigmentation. It successfully cures melasma, skin pigmentation, chloasma, brown patches and any other skin discolourations. Equally important is to know that they have different root causes. In short, some might be provoked by sun exposure, hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or menopause, acne, ageing.

Furthermore, the treatment lightens the skin and makes it feel and look smooth, radiant and glowing. In fact, what causes hyperpigmentation is melanin. In other words, it determines your body colouration. The anti-pigmentation peel inhibits the growth of melanin and the production of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase acts as an enzyme that blocks melanin production. As a result, the treatment stops pigmentation.

Active ingredients in the peel mask: The mask is rich in Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium Dioxide and Retinyl Palmitate.

dermamelan peel

Benefits of Dermamelan

  • Completely safe and non-invasive;
  • No downtime;
  • Immediate results – after the first session;
  • Treats hyperpigmentation;
  • Removes dark spots;
  • Improves skin tone;
  • Reduces pore size;
  • Prevents breakouts;
  • Evens skin complexion;
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • Has slight peeling effect;
  • Rejuvenates the skin;
  • Treats post-inflammatory pigmentation;
  • Beneficial for patients with acne.

What to expect from Dermamelan?

The professional peel treatment gives results after one session. Its duration is 20 minutes long.

The peel treatment consists of two phases:

  1. Applying the mask over your face at the clinic
  2. Home care treatment with dermamelan products.

The mask must stay on your face for several hours. After the first day, you will continue the treatment at home with a home care cosmetics kit.

Most patients get satisfying results with one session. However, one month after the treatment, you can decide if you need one more session.

You will see the first results the week after the professional treatment. The final results will be available a month after the session. A slight peel may occur. Regular follow up sessions are recommended – after the 1st week, the 2nd week and a month after the treatment.

Who is a suitable candidate for Dermamelan?

Candidates with hyperpigmentation problems and acne. The treatment is suitable for any skin type.

What should I know before undergoing Dermamelan?

During the consultation, you should notify your aesthetician if you have undertaken any treatment with glycolic acid. Above all, it is imperative to stop using glycolic acid in any form for at least a week.

Demamelan side effects

Side effects are typical and common: peeling, flaking, redness, skin tightness during the first days after removing the mask. Nonetheless, these effects are completely normal. However, you’ll stay connected with your doctor for feedback and follow up sessions to see how the treatment unfolds for you.

Post-treatment care.

Dermamelan treatment continues at home with specific skincare products. Besides using the home care kit, please, follow our recommended plan for recovery. With this in mind, you must be aware that your results depend on your post-treatment skincare efforts.

It’s essential to use sun protection after every facial or peel. After the therapy, your skin will be vulnerable to sun damage and pigmentation. Therefore, make sure to protect it with high SPF.

Why choose 7 Derma for your Dermamelan treatment?

In conclusion, we’d like to share that our greatest passion is aesthetics. Thus we provide our clients with care, excellent results, and kindness. Moreover, our mission is to help you achieve the appearance you’ve been dreaming about. And yes! We can do it. Because we have more than 20 years of experience in aesthetics, we know what is best for your skin.

Our equipment is up to date and delivers outstanding results. In addition, we work with the latest technologies in aesthetics, and we provide personalized care for your skin, face, body, and hair. Hence with us, you receive the best care and the best prices in Dubai.

Grab your special offer and book an appointment. Show up and let us help you get rid of your skin problems. You are safe!

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