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February 10, 2019

How to Cure Hair Loss? [Most Effective Treatments]

2 strong treatments for hair loss from 7 derma center

Nowadays, pollution, stress, synthetic ingredients in food, cosmetics, beverages, and medicines have created a massive problem for many people – hair loss. Sometimes genes are the reason for balding. Long ago, balding was considered an aging problem. Today even millennials (people in their 20s) notice hair loss.

Unfortunately, no one is protected from this phenomenon. BUT as modern aesthetics and surgery advance, we can propose many cures and solutions for your well-being and hair restoration. Let’s see together how to boost hair growth as naturally and effectively as possible.

#1 PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is the most natural and safe treatment for hair loss. The reason is that this therapy uses your blood cells. Science calls them platelets. We extract them from your blood and inject them right at the affected area.

The procedure consists of taking blood from your vein by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor or an aesthetician. Then we isolate the platelets from your blood. The next step is the injection of the platelets into your scalp.

PRP is a healthy and effective way to grow hair once again. It’s done by a scheme designed by your doctor/aesthetician. Usually, you need to do 3-6 sessions with intervals between 2-4 weeks. Then you take a rest for 3-6 months, followed by a maintenance scheme.


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We recommend PRP when hair loss is mild to intense. Also, we encourage people who would like to avoid hair transplantation to try this safe and equal as a result therapy. It’s suitable for men and women no matter the reason for hair loss.

Fact: Platelets are also called ‘thrombocytes’.

Read more about PRP HERE.

#2 DR CYJ Hair Fillers

Hair fillers are just as strong as PRP. The difference between both treatments is that Hair Fillers contain peptides – ready to inject into your scalp. There is no need to extract any blood from veins. We recommend this treatment to patients who feel uncomfortable with needles and blood.

Like PRP, hair fillers stimulate blood flow to the affected area, boost collagen production, recover follicles and tissues. You can take advantage of hair fillers if you have alopecia of any type and hair loss conditions at any stage.

You can do Hair fillers once two weeks for 3-6 times (sessions).

Please refer to the complete list of ingredients of hair fillers HERE.
Find out more about Hair Filler benefits HERE.

Important note: Best results come when you combine PRP and Hair Filles. Nonetheless, you should coordinate with your doctor. Treatment combinations depend on your hair condition and wanted results.


Treatments to combine when undergoing PRP and Hair Filler therapy

Best results come when you combine multiple treatments. There are several procedures that you can do during your primary hair loss therapy.

Note: These treatments are not as strong as PRP and Hair fillers. Please combine with the primary treatment. You won’t get visible results if you do them as a single treatment.


This therapy uses micro-needling to inject vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into your skin. This refreshing cocktail revives your tissues and increases hair growth. It nourishes your scalp with healthy 100% natural substances to help you restore quickly.


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We recommend Mesotherapy for maintenance after the primary treatment. You can do it as a follow-up treatment to keep your results for as long as possible. Do it every week for the whole length of the therapy duration.

Learn more about Mesotherapy for Hair Loss HERE.

Glutathione injections

Many patients report that they see a significant hair boost while doing glutathione injection therapy. This treatment detoxes the body or whitens the skin. It includes glutathione which is the most potent antioxidant in the body.

Glutathione recovers internal organs and cells from damages. It creates a substantial detoxifying effect that reflects on hair growth. It indirectly affects hair growth as it strengthens cells and the immune system to fight free radicals and damage from the environment or lifestyle.

Learn more about glutathione injections HERE.

How to mask your hair loss with SMP?

There is one treatment that doesn’t affect your body’s ability to recover from hair loss. It masks it with tattoo – Scalp Micropigmentation. The treatment consists of creating camouflage by injecting semi-permanent tattoo ink into the skin.

This treatment is very effective if you want to mask quickly any hair loss type. Your SMP specialist will adjust the ink color and do it in 3 sessions to cover all problematic scalp areas. SMP is also done before or after a hair transplant to mask scarring from the surgery.

Learn more:
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Scalp micropigmentation results

The results from the treatment are: the scalp looks flooded with hair follicles. This treatment is done:

  • In combination with PRP and Hair Fillers, fully erase any hair loss signs and back up the treatment.
  • As an alternative to PRP and Hair Fillers.

Find out more about Scalp-micropigmentation HERE.

As you can see, options for dealing with Hair Loss are many. To find out the best therapy combination for your condition, please book an appointment for a FREE consultation. Your doctor/aesthetician will take good care of you, your needs, and your wishes.

Last but not least: Take a look at your lifestyle and emotional state. In most cases, hair loss is just a symptom. Genes can be locked and unlocked. The way you think, act, and live to determine whether you will open them or not.

We hope we threw clarity about how to deal with Hair Loss.
Expect the next helpful blog post next month!
Stay tuned.

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