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December 8, 2018

All you need to know about glutathione injections

We answer your questions about glutathione injections for skin whitening.

Glutathione injections are one of the most effective and natural way to brighten your skin. It is a very common procedure for evening out skin complexion in the UAE, Asia, Africa and India. It is also popular because it’s effective, cost efficient and generally safe.

With this article we will cover the most frequently asked questions about Glutathione injections.

#1 Is Glutathione injection therapy safe?

The main ingredient in glutathione injections is glutathione. It is considered as the master of all antioxidants. This ingredient is synthesized in the body and it’s also included in many foods. It’s power is boosted by vitamin C. This is why most injections include also vitamin C as sub-ingredient.

Applied in the right dosage glutathione injections are not only safe – they boost your immune system as they excrete toxins.

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Both – Vitamin C and Glutathione – have powerfully brighten the skin when intake is higher. Nonetheless we bring to your attention the fact that glutathione in these injections is synthetic. It’s not naturally derived and in the long term may lead to side effects – if not prescribed by experienced doctor/aesthetician and applied correctly by experienced nurse.

Please, have in mind that you need to take breaks between sets so your body can recycle the added ingredients in the injections. In most cases patients don’t experience side effects.

When you decide to undergo a skin whitening therapy with glutathione injections always ask about the concentration of glutathione in injections. The results vary from concentration and application scheme.

#2 What are the side effects of glutathione injections?

Important: If executed by experienced nurse under the supervision of qualified doctor/aesthetician the procedure is totally safe and healthy. Nonetheless every procedure has side effects and you should know about them:

  • If applied with high concentrations an abdominal pain might occur.
  • Increases asthma symptoms if you have asthma. Please, consult with your doctor for evaluation.
  • Not indicated for application during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Not indicated for application if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the injection – please test first if not sure!
  • It is not indicated for application if you have history of cancer or had undergone chemotherapy
  • In the long term might lead to low zinc levels. This can cause skin and hair problems, impaired wound healing, weaken immune system.

Important: Alway take zinc supplements and zinc rich foods during glutathione injection therapy!

#3 Are glutathione injections effective? How many sessions do I need?

Glutathione injections are popular because of their safe application and proven results. Results of course depend on your needs, skin and applied dosage.

Sessions depending on your goals:

  • For detoxification – minimum 6-12 sessions. This affects positively your skin, mood, eye sight, energy levels and health.
  • For skin brightening – more than 12 sessions with monthly follow-ups.

Important: Glutathione injections don’t remove pigmentation. Please, consider other treatments that apply ingredients directly on the skin such as Cosmelan, Dermamelan in combination with Mesotherapy, PRP or CO2 Fractional resurfacing.


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Glutathione benefits & skin whitening


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