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July 4, 2020

Scalp Micropigmentation: How Many Sessions and What to Expect

Scalp Micropigmentation - solution for balding

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a great way to mask any hair loss pattern. It’s particularly beneficial to:

  • Men who’d like to have a razor shave haircut but they’re entirely bald;
  • Women and men who have thinning and sparsing hair to make it look thicker and fuller;
  • Everyone who’d like to fill scalp gaps from scarring or injury.
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A common misunderstanding is that SMP takes one session, and then it lasts for years. Wrong!

How many sessions does SMP take?

Some clinics tend to promise great results in just one session. But every experienced technician knows that a high-quality SMP can’t be achieved in 1 session.

SMP always consists of minimum 3 consecutive sessions and yearly touch ups.

Why? Because the technique of SMP uses semi-permanent tattoo ink, which needs time to absorb and become long-lasting. With each session, the technician adds new layers of tattoo ink and perfects the results.

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Why do some people need more than three sessions?

This is a very uncommon case, but it happens. Most people can do great with just three sessions. On the other hand, some experience the following complications:

  • An extra sensitive and reactive immune system that dissolves the ink;
  • Rapid absorption and dispersion of the pigment by the scar tissue;
  • Use of light dye that fades quickly;
  • Too shallow penetration depth;
  • The client requests more adjustments than initially planned.

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How to prepare for each session?

Before coming to the clinic, you have a little prep to do at home:

  • For a week before your first session, moisturize your scalp;
  • The day before your session, wash your hair, so you remove any dead cells;
  • Shave your hair if possible – this will allow the technician to perform the treatment best.

What are the DOs and DON’Ts after each SMP session?

If you want to keep your sessions low and make the work done faster, you need to follow your technician’s instructions.

What to avoid after every SMP session, and for how long?

Up to 24 hours:

  • Keep away from touching your scalp – your wounds are open, and they can get infected;

Up to 4 days:

  • No water over your scalp – you can shower your body, but don’t wash your head with water;

Up to 7 days:

  • Avoid sweating – this includes working out, eating hot spices, and exposing to excess heat;
  • Don’t shave your head.
  • Keep away from water and artificial humidity – saunas, hot thumbs, hot showers and bathtubs, swimming, steam rooms;
  • Don’t expose your head to direct sunlight – it may fade the tattoo ink. Use hat instead;
    Restrain from smoking and alcohol – they slow down your healing and may promote tattoo ink fading.

For the whole length of the therapy:

  • Don’t use any hair growth stimulants over your scalp.

What can you do after each session, and when?

After five days:

  • Start washing your head with water only.

After seven days:

  • Start using sunscreen for your scalp;
  • You can add shampoo to
  • Apply coconut oil as a moisturizer (small amount) – don’t use artificial moisturizers with chemical ingredients.

When can you go back to normal and enjoy saunas, steam rooms, sunlight, intense workouts? The answer is: When you finish all sessions and wait for 21 days after the last one. Then your scalp will heal completely, and this will allow you to do all the things you love.

What to expect after each session?

Each session is designed to strengthen your results. Let’s see what they consist of:

Initial consultation

Consultation before therapy is mandatory. On this first visit, you will discuss with your technician the details of your condition and goals. They will introduce you to the whole process of SMP – number of sessions, guidelines to follow after each session, expectations, results, and possible complications. Your doctor will take a closer look at your scalp and get into details about whether this treatment is suitable for your needs or another therapy that will help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

If you or your technician have any doubts about whether your skin will react positively to the treatment or not, you may be tested with a patch test. This test will help you determine 100% correctly if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. The downside of the patch test is that you’d have to wait for the results for two weeks.

If you are determined to do the treatment without a patch test and your doctor agrees that you are a suitable candidate, you can schedule an appointment for your first SMP session.

Session №1: Your first visit to your technician

The first session of SMP will take between 3 and 5 hours – depending on how many areas the technician needs to work on. This first time is for laying the foundations – marking the area and making the first tattoo fillings.

Important: After this session, you will notice a slight color fading. Don’t worry – it’s typical and expected! Your scalp will heal after a week. After one week, you are ready to go back to the clinic for your 2nd session.

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Session №2: Get into detail

This session is all about getting into detail. This time the technician will evaluate your progress and give you more info about how many sessions you will need.

During your 2nd session, the technician will strengthen your color, fill any missed areas, add shade to your pigments and make them look more natural. This session will help you see your scalp with more definition – your hair will start looking thicker and more vital.

Important: It’s better to leave more room between your 2nd and 3rd session, such as 3-4 weeks. This will help you heal fully and see the final result more efficiently.

Session №3: Finalisation and perfection

The 3rd session is usually the last. If you have ink intolerant skin or haven’t followed the guidelines above, you might need even more than three sessions. In most cases, people do fine with just three sessions.

In this session, your technician will go into even more detail. After the course of the therapy, no one will be able to tell that this isn’t your natural hair. If you are completely bald, your scalp will have a defined razor-shaved haircut. If you have local hair loss and hair parsing, your hair will look fuller and thicker.

The fullest potential of your SMP therapy will appear in 3 weeks after your last SMP session. Then the work is completely done, and you will have the results you’ve always wanted.

Scalp Micropigmentation by Olga Lelekova

Important: To keep your results for a very long time (up to 10 years), we recommend you do yearly follow-ups. This will help you maintain your results.

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We are looking forward to helping you get fuller and stronger-looking hair!

Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair loss


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