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October 15, 2018

4 benefits of Dr CYJ Hair fillers

Boost hair growth with dr cyj hair filler

Hair fillers help in a innovative way to stimulate hair growth and reverse balding. They saturate your hair with peptides which stimulate blood flow and prevent blood cells from death. This promotes restoration and hair growth.

See full list of all peptides that DR CYJ Hair fillers contain.

With this article we will introduce you the benefits of hair fillers.

#1 Treats all kind of alopecia and hair fall

This is condition associated with baldness – both in men and women. Hair fillers successfully cure multifocal alopecia, diffuse alopecia, androgenic alopecia. The injections contain 100% natural ingredients and don’t cause side effects.

Consistent treatment lead to improved hair condition – it becomes thicker, fuller and healthier.

#2 Protects collagen from degrading

Collagen is the main structural protein and builds up the whole connective tissue. With time its production declines. Hair fillers boost its performance and keep it healthy for longer time. Hair fall is often associated with impaired collagen production.

These fillers stimulate also the production of new collagen.

#3 Stimulates tissue recovery

When tissue is consistently damaged the recovery process may slow down. This leads to the accumulation of damages. Hair starts falling down faster than recovering. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid in DR CYJ hair fillers rejuvenation speeds up.

Tissue becomes more vital and the balding process is reversed.

#4 Makes hair thicker, more hydrated and strong

All tissue problems are connected with the lack of nutrients. Our busy lives and highly polluted environment force us experience unwanted tissue damages. Hair fall is one of them.

DR CYJ hair fillers are perfect for:

  • Weak hair.
  • Thin and breakable.
  • Dry and brittle hair.
  • Falling hair.

Who is it suitable for this treatment?

We have noticed that hair fillers are great choice when it comes to any kind of hair falling condition. But we can point out a few special groups of patients:

  • Women and men with baldness (alopecia).
  • Women and men with hair transplantation (the treatment helps them increase the life of their hair implants).
  • Patients after chemotherapy.
  • Men and women with think and breaking hair.

Can you increase the effectiveness of the treatment?

We recommend our patients to combine treatments for maximum results. Other highly effective procedures you can try:

Combine these treatments with hair fillers and results will come faster. They will also stay longer!

Boost your hair growth now. Visit the full description of DR CYJ Hair fillers.


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Dr CYJ Hair Filler

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