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March 2, 2018

Powerful Full Moon beauty tips for skin care

Full moon…full moon… get rid of anything you don’t need!

In our previous article we introduced you to the idea of having beauty rituals following the moon cycles.

It sounds weird. But we know it works.

This article is all about Full moon (or the waning phase) – it’s physical, mental and spiritual affects. We will look into the ways to boost your beauty results by following simple rules.

What is Full Moon and what happens on this day?

Full moon is the stage when we see the whole surface of the enlightened (the visible) side of the Moon. During this day all emotions are heightened – random thoughts and specific thoughts. As we know – all thoughts lead to emotions and if emotions are around long enough – they lead to feelings.

This is why most people cannot sleep peacefully during Full Moon – their heads are just blown away with thoughts. It is interesting that most people do not realize that they are thinking a certain thought so they may tell you that this New moon/Full moon thing is a non-sense.

All space bodies have frequencies (energetic fields) that interact with everything else in the Universe. Anything that happens in nature affects the mind of the human being and most times – subconsciously.

Full moon and beauty

The phase after Full Moon and until New Moon is called “waning phase”. It is exactly the opposite to the waxing stage (between New moon and Full moon). This time is perfect for waxing, shaving and plucking. Any hair removal treatment would be beneficial.

Why? Because in this phase hair growth would be slowed down. Also hair would be thinner. This is why it is better to do our haircuts during the waxing phase (between New moon and Full moon) because this sets the foundation of stronger and fast growing hair.

Regarding skin care – any exfoliating treatment would be a great idea. It is time to shred dead skin and let new healthier skin show up. New skin is successfully hydrated and nourished during the next phase (waxing).

Any squeezing and poking is permitted – now is the time to remove that dirt in a more aggressive way!

If you wonder what treatment to choose, chemical peels like Organic Black Peel, Blue radiance peel, cosmelan, dermamelan are all good ones for waning phase (between Full moon and New moon).

Full moon and exercise

Do something dynamic – HIIT, running, dancing, zumba or else. Something that produces heat in order to burn any unnecessary toxins in your body. You will rest during the next phase.

Just get that energy moving. You don’t have to go to classes or do a specific sport. You can clean up the house in fast pace, run with the kids or the dog, do your yoga faster, or lift your weights more dynamically with less kg, swim in the pool faster.

Heart beat should pound but not in a way that you would faint. Please, don’t go that far.

You choose what to do – you have a free will!

Last words about Full moon

Full moon is a very strong energetic time. If you have trouble with your temper or emotions – just know it is absolutely normal. But please make sure you don’t blame it on the Moon.

At this time it is good to remove anything you don’t need from your life – unhealthy relationships, toxic behavior, negative thoughts, activities you hate doing, the clutter in your wardrobe and rooms, spoiled food from the fridge, useless items and etc.

You get the idea.

So! Happy Full Moon and make sure to clean up – your body, your mind, your home, your work place!

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