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January 17, 2018

Skin care tips during New Moon and waxing phase

Skin care during waxing moon

New moon. New phase. New cycle.

New moon is a very special time particularly for the ladies. One full cycle of the moon consists of approximately 29 days. Just as a woman’s period. If you start observing your body, your emotions and state of mind during the new moon phases – you will realize that this is not just an interesting hypothesis.

It is true.

What happens during New moon?

We call New moon the time when the dark side of the moon faces Earth. During this time a naked eye is incapable of seeing the position of the moon. The New moon event is followed by continued waxing of the moon leading to Full Moon.

Both phases are very magnetic and energetic. This is not a science-fiction. When New Moon or Full moon arises the Earth is literally pulled to the moon.

As you all know any object that exists has energetic field. Including you. Those energies dance together by the sound of life daily. Since Earth and the Moon have their own frequencies and interact constantly – it is absolutely natural human behavior to be affected.

New moon is a time of restoration. Nature grows abundantly. It gives birth to the new. This a time of relaxation, rejuvenation and detox. During New moon is great to start something new – whatever it is.

There is a very popular ritual about listing your most desired wishes during New moon. This energetic time of keeping the past behind is the foundation for future manifestation of your most inner desires.

So grab a pen and write down your desires as if you already have them. Be true to yourself and focus on you!

Hair growth and New moon

During waxing phase anything grows abundantly. This applies for finger nails and hair. This is a perfect time to grow strong, beautiful and healthy hair/nails.

Any hair growth treatment would be beneficial and its effects would be boosted. If you are deciding whether you go to have your hair cut done or no – we recommend you to go. This will boost your hair growth in a way that no other product would be able to.

And remember – during New moon and waxing phase please stay away from hair waxing, plucking and laser hair removal. It might have the opposite effect or reduced one. Keep this for waning and Full moon.

New moon phase boosts hair growth and nails strength

How to achieve exceptional skin care during New moon and waxing cycle?

We – humans – are very complex creatures. We have mind, body and soul. We have physical body, emotional body and spiritual one. They are not separated one from another. They are one whole and any disturbances in one of the bodies reflects on the others.

When we talk about New moon and new beginning it is hard to find a link to skin care. Take a breath and go on. During waxing the skin is more absorbent. The cells are literally craving for hydration and vitamin infusion. This is why during New moon and waxing phase we recommend you take the time to nourish and hydrate your skin. No peeling a and exfoliation.

Apply gentle substances. Go to a steam bath. Use hydrating high quality products. Drink more water. Add juices and smoothies… and vitamins to your diet.

Make a detox – emotional and physical.

New moon is a very tricky time – people easily fall of the wagon of positivity and they are more prone to negativity. Just as the New moon is dark and shady – the mind follows.

So be mindful.

Journal about your thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Find time to work out or dance. Have a walk in nature.

Do gentle practices – yoga, meditation, swimming in the ocean, walking under the sun (with sun protection, please).

Last words about New moon and beauty

Beauty and the moon phases are linked in an almost spiritual level. You can’t see it but you know it is there. Just like love.

Living according to the moon cycle’s might sound very strange and completely new to you. But hey – it is New moon – why don’t you try something new and see what happens.

At least it won’t hurt… and it definitely won’t have any side effects. Except for the fact that you might miss the great benefits that New moon offers.

Happy experimenting!

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