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October 2, 2021

How To Choose Between Fractional CO2 and LaseMD?

LaseMD or CO2?

So many lasers are out there – all perfectly suitable for your needs. But how to know you chose the right laser? How do you understand the difference between all lasers? Often our clients ask us what to pick for skin tightening – the famous CO2 or the newest trend, LaseMD?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to all you need to know about both lasers. Before we start, we want to explain what types of lasers exist and how they work.

Types of lasers and how they work

Lasers have significant similarities as well as several differences. We’ll present the difference between ablative, non-ablative, fractional, and non-fractional lasers in an easy-to-understand way.

Ablative lasers destroy the upper layer of the skin. The damage is to the point the skin is entirely unfunctional, and it must peel off. The skin is entirely new, vibrant, soft, and even tan when it peels off and regenerates the upper layer.

Examples of ablative lasers: CO2 lasers and Erbium YAG lasers.

Non-ablative lasers target the deeper layers of the skin. They usually require more sessions and have a much milder effect. They are perfect for improving skin tone and complexion. It can be beneficial for reducing pigmentation, fine lines, scars.

Examples of non-ablative lasers: pulsed-dye, ND: Yag, and Alexandrite lasers.

Fractional lasers can be ablative or non-ablative. They deliver laser light to the skin under thousands of light columns that work only a fraction of the skin. The fractional laser doesn’t point to one solid laser light. Thus the recovery time shortens.

Non-fractionated lasers work the entire skin surface and are more aggressive. They are suitable for severe skin conditions and require prolonged downtime. Sometimes they also need topical anesthesia.

Fractional CO2 laser (ablative) for aging skin

Now that you know what types of lasers exist, you’re more prepared to understand what precisely a CO2 laser means. The CO2 laser is fractional because it delivers fractions of lights to the skin. At the same time, it’s ablative because it destroys the upper layer of the skin to promote skin replacement and rejuvenation.

The CO2 laser is very effective for acne, scarring, wrinkles, and aging skin. After one session, you’ll see a dramatic difference. To see the results, you must devote up to a month of recovery – it would be best if you work from home or have the option to take a long break.

Key differences with LaseMD:

  • Suitable only for white skins;
  • Has many side effects – burning, pigmentation, scarring;
  • Requires a few weeks away from people and sunlight;
  • Is not recommended for the neck and decolletage or other bodily parts.

The CO2 laser treatment is best suitable for lighter skin types. Sensitive or dark skin colors can experience unwanted side effects such as hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, slow healing, or burning. Thus you must trust your practitioner and choose the one with long and adequate experience.

CO2 is best suitable for clients who:

  • Have significant aging signs – deep wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin;
  • Carry deep or pitted facial scars
  • Have light skin, and their patch test is okay;
  • Are ready to take a few times off from work or work from home;
  • Want to see rapid and impressive results fast.

Learn more about the CO2 laser:
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LaseMD fractional and non-ablative laser for skin tightening and rejuvenation

LaseMD is very popular due to its innovative technology. In 2017 the treatment was approved by the FDA to be safe, beneficial, and promising for fighting pigmentation, acne, scarring, and skin aging.

LaseMD is fractional because it also delivers small separate columns of light to the skin. It’s non-ablative because it heats the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the upper layer. Since it’s not detrimental as the ablative lasers, it requires 4-6 sessions to see a good result.


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Key differences with CO2 laser:

  • Suitable for all body parts – hands, legs, neck, decolletage;
  • Universal for all skin types – dark, light, dry, oily, mixed;
  • Lunch break treatment – no downtime, quick recovery.

LaseMD creates microchannels into the skin and promotes better absorption of healing solutions. The treatment is always combined with rejuvenating solutions for pigmentation reduction, stem cells, or anti-aging elixirs.

LaseMD is best suitable for clients who:

  • Have mild to moderate signs of aging;
  • Don’t work from home and can’t afford to be away from work;
  • Are willing to do multiple sessions to see results.

What’s the alternative to CO2 and LaseMD if you want skin lift?

The alternative is to undergo a radiofrequency treatment – HIFU. SonoQueen HIFU is an ultrasound treatment that delivers solid and visible skin lift results after even one session.

  • No pain;
  • No downtime;
  • One session;
  • Immediate result;
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Impressive results;
  • No analog treatment.

It can be combined with other skin-toning treatments.

To boost your results and create a 3D effect (treat all skin layers), you can combine HIFU with LaseMD and PRP. In this way, HIFU will work the deepest (muscle level) layer, LaseMD and PRP will work the superficial layers – creating complete care for all layers. This combination will boost your results, and you’ll have at least 5-10 years off of your face.

If you are looking for a non-invasive skin lift alternative to surgery, HIFU is your best choice.

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