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June 9, 2021

The Ultimate Body Fat Reduction: SculpSure or StimSure?

Man and woman with abs thanks to SculpSure, StimSure and VelaShape III

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to look fit, healthy, and much more confident?
Every day we meet clients who are seeking the answer to this question. We know it, and we will not lie: it takes time, dedication, and motivation.

Aside from all the methods for weight loss, we want to talk about the CynoSure technologies – StimSure and SculpSure. Both treatments are non-invasive and very effective for shaping your body. The question is: How to know which to use?

We want to help you with this journey.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment that aims at burning fat. You need one session to see the difference. SculpSure heats the fat cells and makes them melt while you see a few inches off of your targeted area in the mirror.

The treatment is 25 minutes long – enough to reverse the metabolism of your cells. This technology raises the temperature of the fatty tissue from 42 to 47 degrees Celsius through 1046 wavelengths. This heat destroys the cell’s membrane, and then fat cells get eliminated by the lymphatic system.

In this way, you reduce body fat after each session. You will see the first results in between 6-8 weeks and optimal results in 12 weeks.

What is StimSure?

StimSure is also a non-invasive treatment. The difference comes with the fact that this treatment builds muscles through electric stimulation. The technology helps you strengthen your muscles, and it can be the right step after achieving fat reduction.

StimSure helps you contract your area muscles 24,000 times in just 20-30 mins. This can never happen with any exercise. StimSure not only builds the muscles but also helps you reduce fat.

The reason for fat reduction is that the stronger the muscles become, the more fat they burn. A miracle can happen to your body if you combine non-invasive treatments with sports and a healthy diet.

Are SculpSure and StimSure a good combination?

They are a perfect combination.

Both treatments compliment each other and help results appear faster and be astonishing. Your certified medical aesthetician will guide you through the process and create a suitable therapy for your individual needs.

The combination of SculpSure and StimSure depends on your body fat percentage, fitness level, goals, and needs.

SculpSure helps you reduce body fat and get a slimmer silhouette.
StimSure helps you strengthen your muscles and shape a target body area.

Are StimSure and SculpSure suitable for skin tightening and cellulite reduction?


SculpSure and StimSure work together to reshape your body and remove excess fat. Another treatment can help you tighten loose skin and get rid of orange skin.

VelaShape III.

The treatment helps in removing cellulite, tightens flabby skin, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. If you feel like your skin is not as elastic and tight anymore, VelaShape III can reverse this effect and help you improve your appearance.

Learn more: Body Skin Tightening vs. Fat Reduction

The holy trinity for post-pregnancy “get in shape”: SculpSure + StimSure + VelaShape III

Women who have given birth need a lot of time to get back to their usual shape. During this time, it’s not advised to undergo vigorous exercises and heavy weight lifting. If the woman has a C-section, she has a scar from the surgery, building up fat.

During the recovery period, it’s recommended for a woman to do non-invasive treatment to speed up the process of “getting in shape”. After a while, she can also add more intense exercises to her daily routine. But always start small.

The combination of the three treatments is trendy amongst women who have given birth since:

  • their skin needs to tighten again after being stretched for the pregnancy;
  • they want to lose the pregnancy weight they’ve gained;
  • their muscles need stimulation to recover from a long rest.

By combining SculpSure, StimSure, and VelaShape, you will:

  • Reduce body fat;
  • Strengthen muscles and define your silhouette;
  • Tighten skin;
  • Get rid of cellulite.

Sounds great, right?

Add a physical activity + healthy diet to see even better results

SculpSure and StimSure work 100%. To keep your results, you must train yourself to take care of your body. You don’t have to become a fitness maniac or deprive yourself of your favorite food. We know that changes take time and setting the right mindset.

Here’re some tips to get started:

  • Add more physical activity to your schedule. Don’t go crazy. Start slow and progress. If you are not a sports person, start with longer walks, home workouts, or other pleasant activities. Try to move your body, so it stays healthy.
  • Make healthier food choices. Try to replace all sugary foods and drinks with healthier versions. For example, instead of sodas, drink fresh juices or water, instead of cake, eat a bunch of fruits, instead of chips, try to eat some nuts of your choice. This will help you see maximum results.
  • Reduce stress and make time to enjoy yourself. Get time to do all the things that make you feel good. This will help you nourish your body, mind, and spirit and boost your motivation to stay healthy.
  • Visualize your result. Meditation and visualization help. When you believe that you will see your body the way you want – you will see it. Try to do visualizations every day of how you’d like your body to look. This will also heal your mindset and help you believe that you deserve to have a fit body.

Ready to start your weight loss journey? Call us for a free consultation.

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