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March 3, 2021

Build Muscle With Minimal Efforts By Using Muscle Stimulator

StimSure abs - building muscle is easy

Muscle stimulator options and the science behind them are one of our favorite topics. There are certain myths around losing weight in a non-invasive way. In this article, we’ll present the science behind muscle contractors and help you understand how they help you lose inches off your waist and tone your whole body.

Let’s get into this!

How Electrical Muscle Contraction (EMS) Helps You Tone Your Body?

Disclaimer: Muscle contractors are not a cure for weight problems. It’s a way to help you strengthen your muscles and define your body. If you’d like to lose a significant amount of weight, please consider a holistic approach which includes turning unhealthy habits into a healthy lifestyle, regular workouts, stress management, good sleep, and self-love. Then you can build up by adding weight loss treatments and muscle-building stimulators such as SculpSure, VelaShape III, and StimSure.

When you move or work out, your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles so they can contract. This happens thanks to your Central Nervous System (CNS). When using an electrical muscle stimulator, your muscles tighten not because your brain tells them to but because we use an outer stimulus. In this way, you don’t stress out your CNS, and you benefit from muscle contraction.

The best thing about muscle contractors is that their signal doesn’t differ from the brain’s signal. The body doesn’t make any difference between the two muscles which means that to your body, working out at the gym and laying comfortable with a muscle contractor is absolutely the same.

How muscular is the muscle contraction with a muscle stimulator?

EMS machines provide you with a deeper, more intense, and complete muscle contraction. It allows your muscle to contract multiple times, and in one session, you can achieve up to 24,000 contractions per area. In a regular workout, it’s impossible to achieve this since one movement is one contraction.


What do clinical studies show?

Multiple studies examine the effect of electrical muscle stimulators on muscle strength. Let’s see them:

EMS and professional athletes

EMS is especially suitable for people who have a trained physique and need to boost their fitness/sports results. A study of NCBI states:

This scientific analysis revealed that EMS is effective for developing physical performance. After a stimulation period of 3-6 weeks, significant gains (p < 0.05) were shown in:

  • maximal strength (isometric Fmax +58.8%; dynamic Fmax +79.5%)
  • speed strength (eccentric isokinetic Mmax +37.1%; concentric isokinetic Mmax + 41.3%; rate of force development + 74%;
  • force impulse + 29%; vmax + 19%);
  • power (+67%).

The control group was athletes who haven’t used EMS machines for training boosts.

Belly fat reduction in non-athletes and muscle stimulator

Another study shows that muscle stimulators can reduce belly fat in individuals without changing their daily habits. The randomized controlled trial states:

This study investigated whether the use of high-frequency current therapy is helpful for lessening the amount of abdominal obesity in young women. Our findings support the use of high-frequency current therapy to diminish abdominal obesity.

Best results, of course, are seen when individuals combine healthy habits with regular exercises and muscle contractors.

Electrical Muscle Contractor at 7 Derma – StimSure

StimSure is our newest treatment which we hope helps as many people as possible. It’s a muscle contractor designed by CynoSure company which owns the patent behind SculpSure – the №1 fat reduction treatment.

StimSure creates intensive contractions – during a session of 30 mins you can experience thousands of muscle contractions which help boost strength and power.

Learn all about StimSure.

StimSure is suitable for:

  • Anyone who’d like to build muscles in a non-invasive way;
  • Active individuals and athletes;
  • People with a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Busy professionals;
  • People who want to isolate muscle groups such as belly or glutes;
  • Restoration and rehab in combination with physiotherapy.

Can you combine StimSure with other treatments?

Depending on your goals, needs, and weight condition, we’ll design a personalized program for you. In some cases, our clients need:

Your doctor will give you complete guidance for your case.

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