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January 3, 2020

Body Skin Tightening vs. Fat Reduction

Are you aiming at weight loss or body tightening?

Holidays are over and now we’re sitting still with our New Year’s resolutions. The first in our list is:

Lose weight and tone up. Get that beach body!

Often customers come to us with a confusion:

  • Should I lose weight and then tighten?
  • Is it enough to just tighten?
  • How to start losing weight?
  • Is it possible to do both simultaneously?
  • Okay… but can I do that with treatments?

Today we will discuss the difference between skin tightening and weight loss AND which treatments are best for both cases. So… let’s do this!

#1 Weight loss

There are lots of theories of how to lose weight. This is the most challenging body achievement in our modern world. Losing weight means losing body fat, contouring the silhouette, becoming lighter and slimmer. It also has lots of different synonyms:

  • Fat reduction, fat loss, fat burn, fat melt;
  • Body contouring.

Preferably you start with the root of weight gain: is it just bad nutrition? Hormonal fluctuance? Lack of movement? Stress? Or maybe it’s a self-esteem issue that blocks you from having an ideal body?

It might also be a few factors combined together.

SculpSure treatment for Weight Loss

You can accelerate weight loss by undergoing a non-invasive treatment – SculpSure. It uses beams of RF light that penetrates through the skin and destroys fat cells. It’s FDA cleared and gives visible results even after the first session.

There are no registered side effects (in contrast to CoolSculpting) and it lasts only 25 minutes. Women and men usually choose it for slimming down the belly area and the arms – which can be quite a challenging task.

Learn more: SculpSure or CoolSculpting is better for you?

Important: Non-invasive fat loss treatments are not miracle treatments. They only give additional results to all of your weight loss efforts. They shouldn’t be used isolated from a healthy diet and healthy amount of daily movement.

When do you get the best results?
-> When you incorporate workout routine and a healthier nutrition.
Only then you can achieve long lasting results and really enjoy your body.

Learn more about SculpSure.

Quick tip: For very small areas (double chin for example) you can use fat dissolving injections that will help you lose the excess fat at the targeted area. For more information please contact us.

#2 Skin tightening (toning)

Body toning is a different way of making the body look firm. It’s a compliment to weight loss. It can be done simultaneously during weight loss or you can firm your skin after losing a lot of weight.

Skin tightening is usually needed when there is:

  • A massive weight loss – losing 20-30-50 or more kgs;
  • The patient is skinny but flabby and soft;
  • Skin sagginess after giving birth;
  • Cellulite on problem zones;
  • Skin sagginess due to aging.

Sometimes the skin is unable to get back together after a weight loss period. In these cases it looks flabby and loose – although the body is visually slimmer.

Skin tightening procedures restructure your skin cells – they boost collagen and elastin production. They help the skin become firmer and help it regain its youthful and healthy appearance. Skin toning and cellulite reduction procedures don’t destroy fat cells. They regenerate skin cells and help you reduce (and remove) cellulite and skin sagginess.

Vela Shape 3

Vela Shape is the ultimate treatment for skin tightening and cellulite reduction..

Important: Diets and cardio help in reducing weight. They rarely help in skin tightening. Vela Shape 3 helps when diets and exercises don’t. This is the most advanced method in modern aesthetics that help you tone and tighten your skin.

Sometimes we have patients who don’t need weight loss, but only skin tightening. In these cases Vela Shape III is a perfect choice.

The treatment combines three powerful factors:

  • Laser Infrared radiation (IR) – penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production;
  • Pulsing vacuum – restructures fat cells so they can be distributed evenly under the skin;
  • Gentle massage.

Learn more about Vela Shape 3.

#3 What is the recipe for slimming and tightening – all together?

Choose the right treatments

We always recommend choosing slimming and tightening at once:

SculpSure for weight loss + Vela Shape 3 for skin tightening.

In this way you will cover the base for both.
Each month we have great package deals for both. See if this month is your lucky month!

Make changes to your habits for long lasting results

The best way to support and maintain your results is by:

  • building lean muscle mass;
  • good and healthy nutrition;
  • add low intensity, moderate or high intensity cardio.

This is why we always recommend to adjust your lifestyle to your body goals and turn it into a way of living: in addition to aesthetic non-invasive procedures, make slight but powerful lifestyle changes.

  • Consult with a nutritionist for your meals and timings;
  • Get a personal trainer for a preferred muscle building sports who will guide you through transition;
  • Add more movement any time you can – more walking, body weight exercises, climb the stairs, jog.

Nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients

When you try to lose weight and tighten through lifestyle changes (workouts, treatments, nutrition) your body starts consuming nutrients faster. Make sure to not deplete it from nutrients that will help you maintain your health and lower your body mass.

To make sure your body receives 100% healthy nutrients, get a boost of vitamin infusion with:

These steps will get the maximum of all: treatment result, nutritional value and health through movement.

Need a consultation? Call us, text us or email us. We will be happy to help!

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