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August 6, 2018

Maria Savic and her story of lip tattoo removal

Maria Savic is celebrity fitness trainer and CEO of Miss Fitness

We love to share our clients’ stories. Maria Savic is one of them who we absolutely adore because of her willingness to trust us and be patient for the results. Today we share her story: How she passed through a complete failure with her first lip tattoo removal and how she got into 7 Derma to have her lips comepletely recovered.

Who is Maria Savic?

Maria Savic is a famous celebrity fitness trainer and fitness model in Dubai. She is the owner and CEO of Miss Fitness where you can find inspiring and motivating female fitness trainers. Their goals is to help as many women in Dubai (and not only) to achieve their fitness goals through suitable workouts and easy to follow nutritional plans.

Very inspiring, ha?

Check out Maria Savic’s Instagram profile and get to know her lifestyle. She has amazing tips and motivating posts that will really get you moving, dreaming and achieving.

What is lip tattoo removal?

Before we connect the dots we want to explain what is tattoo removal. This is a laser based treatment that destroys the ink injected in the skin due to tattoo implementation. The laser works best and gives faster results if the skin contains semi-permenent ink.  Nonetheless traditional tattoos also go away – they just need a little bit more sessions.

Sometimes when the aesthetician is unexperienced or could not set up the right program for the particular case – side effects can occur. They can be the following:

  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Hypopigmentation.
  • Scarring.
  • Swelling that doesn’t go away in a few days.
  • Infection.
  • Muscle soreness.

What happened to Maria after her first try of Laser Tattoo Removal is hyperpigmentation, resulting in dark heavy contouring of the upper lip. The next step would be to remove the hyperpigmentation due to incorrect use of previous laser.

But we will let Maria tell the story by herself… Enjoy!

I have read the reviews about Tatoo and permanent make up removal online and it was really confusing.
Some people wouldnt recommend’it, some would say it leaves scars, some would say that the result is worse after the laser, etc.

I went to a doctor that I heated about the first time I did the treatment with laser, and unfortunately he did not explain the process to me.

What happened was that the red pigment in my permanent make up on upper lip, oxidized and went black after the first laser treatment. So I had literally black lip contour.

Maria Savic and her black lip before lip tattoo removal at 7 Derma

It was terrible. It affected me in everyday life and it was the most uncomfortable thing I experienced. I had to cover my lips with waterproof lip pen all the time and it was super stressful for me.

I did 3 sessions with that doctor before I discovered Dr. Olga and that was life changing for me. She was so patient and gave me hope that I will have my lips back 😉

She knew exactly how to set up the laser to work with this particular pigment, which is the most important and then also the intensity and power of the laser rays, which is important as you don’t want to have scars after the treatment.

She also offered to do the sessions of scar removal from my previous treatment with the other doctor, which also calmed me down. After few sessions with Dr.Olga I managed to completely remove the permanent make up from my lips!

Straight after the first session

This is a photo taken straight after the first session.

1 month after the 1st session

This is a photo taken 1 month after the 1st session of lip tattoo removal.

1 month after the second session of lip tattoo removal

This is a photo taken 1 month after the second session of lip tattoo removal.

Maria Savic now - after 3rd session

This is Maria Savic now. 1 month after 3rd session. The pigmentation is completely gone.

I am so happy and grateful that I have found her and that I am able to relax when I do my laser treatments. I can’t wait to try the Co2 treatment and scar removal. Even the stretch mark removal laser treatment is something that I have been interested in for a long time.

Doctor Olga is calm, patient, has the ability to really make you comfortable and relax during the treatment. She always double checks if you are in pain and if you can handle it or you need a break.

For me the treatment was not painful, maybe just for a split of a second when the laser hits, but it’s really fast and the whole session lasts for 5-10 minutes as it’s a small area.

I recommended Dr.Olga to all my friends and I wish I found her from the beginning and didn’t have to go through all the uncomfortable experience with other doctor.

Thank you Dr. Olga, you are the best ❤

We thank you, Maria Savic, for sharing your story and proving that any mistake can be recovered and undone.
Let this be an inspiration for all of our future customers.
We do care about you and your results!

Your successful story with 7 Derma


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