Maryam Pazouki's Story in 7 Derma - 3D Super Tightening Facial

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January 22, 2018

Maryam Pazouki’s Story in 7 Derma – 3D Super Tightening Facial

Maryam Pazouki is telling her story with 7 Derma Center.

Hello dear reader,

This is Maryam Pazouki – a passionate UAE blogger that loves fine food and exciting beauty treatments. I have a whole Instagram blog filled with captures of amazing experiences. If you are looking for a tasty adventure or a nice place to have your appearance taken care of – visit @maryam_pazz77 on Instagram.

Now let me share my story!

My 7 Derma Center experience consisted of:

  • Laser Carbon Peel.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • PRP.
  • Enzyme oxygenated treatment.

This exact combination is called 3D Super Tightening Facial. During this facial all of the layers of the skin are stimulated. The effect of this rejuvenating treatment is increased collagen and elastin production – the anti-age proteins of the body.

Let’s say a few words about each treatment.

Laser Carbon Peel

By using liquid carbon and laser light the aesthetic treatment aims at cleaning and tightening the pores. It is great for everyone who has oily skin or blemished one. Acne stands no chance before Laser Carbon Peel.


This treatment uses tiny needles that “injure” the skin in order to boost collagen production. The dermis is stimulated which leads to tightening and rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is great for early signs of aging and minor wrinkle problem.


This absolutely natural treatment is all about new skin growth stimulation. It is very effective for scar removal, dark circles and deep wrinkles. The procedure uses your own cells that repair damaged tissue and replace it with new healthy one.

Enzyme oxygenated treatment

Oxygen applied on skin has the power to breathe life to the skin. It is very gentle way to effectively clean the pores, detox the skin and remove any dead skin. Great for having it once a month.

What happened during my treatment?

Step 1

First my face was cleaned up her from any makeup or environmental dirt. Then Lyudmila applied pore opening solutions and prepared the skin for deep exfoliation.

She used steamer in order to fully open my pores.

Step 2

Then she applied the liquid carbon and encouraged me to put glasses and Voala – started the laser. The beaming light destroys carbon and the dirt it has swallowed. The feeling is fresh – as if a kindle light is very close to your face but it isn’t going to burn you.

Step 3

Small amount of blood has been taken form my veins and transformed into platelet-rich-plasma. Then my own platelets were injected in the skin tissue and massaged.

This not painful at all and bears great gifts.

Step 4

Next comes the Microneedling (Mesotherapy) – for reaching the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) and stimulating the collagen production. Again – not painful at all.

Just noisy.

Step 5

Then an oxygen mask is applied on my face and it stays for 40-45 minutes. During this time it tightens a lot – so much that you are not able to move. When the specialists remove it a fresh oxygenated blood flows to the area and nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients.

You feel as if a strong wave of energy is coming to your face area and new life begins… It is that dramatic 🙂

Step 6

The final step is to apply soothing cream with hyaluronic acid that calms down the skin and gives instant glow.

And I’m ready to go on with my day!

Let me tell you again what I have shared in social media because it is absolutely clear and at point:

I had mix treatment which called 3D Super Tightening Facial, carbon facial, PRP, enzyme oxygenated therapy. It was amazing and the result is so good.

Olga and Lyudmila are perfect and the treatment is so effective.

Day after the treatment I had just a little bit of redness, but it all went away. Now my skin is glowing and I definitely would come back again!

Great experience and I recommend it to all.

Thank you 7 Derma!

Maryam Pazouki

This is Maryam’s story. We are very glad that she shared her opinion and thoughts about the treatment in our clinic.

Share your story with us so more people believe in the results that you already believe in. Our mission is to make aesthetic treatments accessible to everyone and help our clients achieve their beauty goals.

Your story matters!

Your successful story with 7 Derma


3D Super Tightening and Lifting Facial

Original price was: AED 5 200.Current price is: AED 4 500. excl. VAT

Biorevitalization [Package Deal]

Original price was: AED 1 500.Current price is: AED 1 250. excl. VAT

CO2 Laser Fractional Resurfacing

Original price was: AED 2 000.Current price is: AED 1 499. excl. VAT

Dr CYJ Hair Filler

Original price was: AED 1 500.Current price is: AED 999. excl. VAT

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