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February 5, 2018

How coach Alaa got glowing skin with 7 Derma? [Celebrity Story]

Coach Alaa also known as Alaa Nazaryan is a leading fitness trainer in Dubai.

Meet the living inspiration – coach Alaa.

Who is coach Alaa?

Alaa Nazaryan  is one of the most popular fitness and body building trainers in Dubai. Since 2004 she has become a leading influencer when it comes to motivation, goal setting and achievement.

Graduated in Criminal Law and Procedure, Alaa is now living her passion for sports, well-being and health.

Alaa Nazaryan believes that training is not only physical. Any goal we want to achieve starts with mental training. She inspires not only with her physical strength but also with her determination to follow the path she has chosen.

With her happy followers she shares:

Since you can control your expectations, you should always expect the best.

Expect to be successful.

Expect to be popular when you meet new people.

Expect to achieve great goals and create a wonderful life for yourself.

When you constantly expect good things to happen, you will seldom be disappointed.

Alaa Nazaryan

Coach Alaa and her fun experience in 7 Derma for Laser Carbon Peel

Alaa arrived in the late afternoon. She has a busy daily schedule so we have planned in advance to get the job done quickly BUT effectively. The best choice for her was Cabon Peel.

Laser Carbon Peel is the so called “Red carpet facial”. The reason it is called  like this is because its effect is immediate – you get instant glow. It is perfect for any coming soon occasion – no downtime and no pain.

Let us walk you through the whole treatment:

Step 1: Cleaning the skin

We always start with skin cleaning. Any cream, makeup or environmental dirt should be removed in order to achieve maximum results.

Step 2: Applying pore opening solution

Laser carbon peel aims at cleansing the pores in a very deep level. Best effect is achieve when we open as much as possible the pores so they can be freed from any dirt.

Step 3: Applying liquid carbon

Liquid carbon absorbs any grease or dirt from the skin. It happens in a matter of second. There is no need to wait.

Honestly, this makes this face treatment so popular – it is quick, fun and gives instant results.

Step 4: Wear glasses and feel the magic of the light beams

The next move is to “destroy” the liquid carbon and the absorbed impurities with the help of laser. It looks scary but it is absolutely painless. The feeling is… just heat. Nothing else.

Step 5: Clean the skin again and apply tightening mask

After the laser we clean the skin again so no residual is left. Then we apply Sulphur mask for maximum effect.

Sulphur mask is great for any oily skin. It removes excess oiliness and tightens the skin.

Coach Alaa’s thoughts about the treatment

I love this. My skin is glowing!

The feeling after the treatment is very strange to explain. As if I have done a facelift.

I’m awake since 5 am. I have such a busy schedule – clients, trainings, meetings…

Now it is 5:20 pm and my skin glowing like this… it’s just WOW!

The recommendation is to do between 6 and 10 sessions depending if you are going to mix the treatment with some other skin tightening procedure or mask.

I’m loving it!

This is coach Alaa’s story for her fun and transformational beauty therapy. If you want to share your story with us – please let us know and we will help you show the world how wonderful it is to take care of your body.

Follow coach Alaa on her Instagram: @coachalaa

She shares lots of interesting and motivational content.

Stay tuned and take care!

Your successful story with 7 Derma


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