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September 3, 2022

HIFU Ultraformer III: Top 15 Questions – Answered

Ultraformer 3 Dubai

HIFU is a non-invasive skin lift treatment that causes a lot of confusion amongst patients – what is it, how does it work, is HIFU and Ultherapy the same thing, is Ultraformer better than HIFU, how many sessions?

The thing is – an ultrasound facelift is not a traditional facial. Therefore explanations are much different than the standard ones you receive for Mesotherapy, PRP, or other facials. Let’s dive deep into the most common questions you might ever have while researching for HIFU.

#1 Is ultraformer 3 the same as HIFU?

Ultraformer 3 is HIFU.

The treatment technology is HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound), and the machine could be any of the following – Ultraformer 3, SonoQueen, Ultherapy, and more.

This is just like choosing a car. The vehicle is the car (HIFU), and the brand could be Audi, Infinity, Toyota, or else.

However, Ultraformer III is the best professional HIFU machine for 2022. Why? Clinical studies show that the improvement rating of Ultraformer III is over 95% for the course of 4 – 12 weeks post-treatment.

#2 Does Ultraformer 3 really work?

Yes. Ultraformer 3 is a very powerful device that reaches the Your (SMAS) and completely restructures it. You can learn how exactly HIFU works on this page and why no other treatment can beat it. Of course, it’s not a miracle treatment. If your skin is too loose, you might need a surgical facelift. We always encourage consultation before treatment.

Ultraformer 3 is best for reducing eye wrinkles, jaw, jawline, and neck sagginess.

#3 Is Ultraformer 3 painful?

Like every HIFU treatment, the answer is yes and no. Generally, patients don’t experience pain, but they do experience discomfort – heat and electric feeling from the handpiece. Afterward, you might feel a little tingling or numbness for a few before. Don’t worry, we can apply numbing cream before treatment, if you believe your skin is too sensitive.

Remember that HIFU sends focused heat into the deep skin layers – this usually results in increased sensitivity. However, the treatment is entirely bearable for most people.

#4 Does Ultraformer 3 melt fat?

Regarding face, we’d say yes and no – depending on the applicator. The main goal of HIFU is to tighten and lift the skin, not fat loss. However, with a proper HIFU handpiece, you can achieve mild facial fat loss. The treatment helps slim down the jowls, double chin, and cheeks.

We strongly advise maintaining a healthy weight. Losing weight will improve your chances of seeing good results from facelifts – surgical or non-surgical.

In addition, Ultraformer 3 has bodily applications for skin tightening and fat burn. The technology is the same – HIFU. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, you can significantly increase your fat-burning rate and reach your weight goals.

Learn more about HIFU for body skin tightening and slimming.

#5 How many sessions of HIFU with Ultraformer do you need?

The best thing about HIFU is that you need to do the treatment 1-3 times a year. It’s not like a regular facial that you need to do monthly. We always recommend doing HIFU once every 3 to 6 months apart. The frequency of your sessions depends on your doctor’s recommendation.

#6 Is Ultraformer 3 FDA approved?

Many clinics use the marketing term “FDA approved.” However, FDA has no power over UAEs regulations. The institution regulating the UAE’s health and drug market is called DHA (Dubai Health Authority).

Ultraformer 3 is DHA approved and safe to do in Dubai (UAE).

#7 How long does it take for Ultraformer to work?

Optimal results are seen 6 to 9 months after the treatment. The new collagen takes a few months to generate and completely restructure the old skin layers. Remember that all non-invasive treatments deliver slower results than surgical ones. However, the results are worth waiting for – very satisfying and pleasing, knowing it’s a risk-free investment.

Nonetheless, we can notice differences even immediately after the treatment. Check this video:


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#8 Can HIFU damage your skin or nerves?

You don’t have to worry about HIFU side effects when a certified medical aesthetician performs the treatment. Nerve and skin damage are usually caused by ignorance and insufficient training. 7 Derma is a highly reputable medical center where medical aestheticians are certified, well-trained, and have years of experience performing non-invasive facelifts.

Always choose your practitioner carefully.

#9 Can I have Botox after HIFU?

We recommend you wait for 6-8 weeks between HIFU and botox. Why? To allow your skin layers to heal and rejuvenate after the ultrasound treatment. In this period, your collagen will start the reproduction process, and your body will begin flushing out damaged cells.

#10 Which is better – HIFU or Microneedling?

The answer depends on your goals. If you want to achieve a facelift effect – HIFU. Suppose you want to improve the texture of your skin – Microneedling. A common practice is combining the two treatments into one therapy for overall skin rejuvenation.


HIFU targets the deepest skin layer. Microneedling targets the upper (superficial) layer. Combined, the treatments work every single skin layer and provide skin lift, tightening, skin glow, and improved texture.

Learn more about HIFU and other facial treatments.

#11 Is HIFU better than fillers?

HIFU and fillers have different applications. In general, HIFU lifts and tightens loose skin by stimulating collagen production. Fillers replace lost volume. It’s often best to combine them to achieve optimal results. Ask your medical aesthetician what specific therapy you need based on your needs.

#12 HIFU or RF (radio frequency)?

RF used to be THE skin lift treatment before HIFU appeared. No other treatment can outperform the skin penetration depth of HIFU. Here’s an image of how deep the ultrasound waves go:

HIFU treatment penetration

The other difference between RF and HIFU is that RF requires multiple sessions for visible results, while HIFU is performed once every 4-6 months – depending on your skin condition and goals.

#13 Can you drink coffee after HIFU?

Your doctor’s instructions will prohibit taking caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours after your treatment. We recommend avoiding these substances for a few days or as long as possible. Why? Your body will require significant healing energy – caffeine and alcohol suppress your healing capabilities, and your results might be affected by that.

In addition, please increase your water intake, avoid sun exposure, apply sunscreen and avoid skin products that might irritate the treated area.

#14 Can HIFU cause pigmentation?

No. The HIFU treatment is suitable for all skin types and colors. It shouldn’t cause pigmentation if appropriately done, as it targets the inner skin layers – not the upper.

#15 Can HIFU help with dark spots?

Pigmentation and skin complexity are not the most common usage of HIFU. Usually, patients aim at its lifting properties. However, a study shows the following results:

Conclusion: We confirmed that HIFU has a positive effect on UVB-induced hyperpigmentation as well as mechanical destructive activity. We suggest that HIFU may be useful as an alternative modality for human patients suffering from skin pigmentary conditions.

However, we’d suggest using HIFU as a complementary treatment to your primary anti-pigmentation therapy. Book a consultation with a specialist.

Are you ready to experience the full benefits of HIFU?

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