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September 4, 2023

9 Hot Questions Every Beginner SMP Artist Asks

A scalp Micropigmentation artist is a skilled professional who uses micro-needles and pigments to replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. This technique helps people with hair loss or thinning achieve the look of a closely cropped hairstyle.

More and more professionals are interested in this field’s benefits and career opportunities. That’s why we created a list of the most popular questions beginner SMP artists ask before they dive deep into SMP mastery

Quickly jump on the question you care about:

  1. What qualifications do you need to do scalp micropigmentation?
  2. What are the most suitable professional backgrounds for SMP?
  3. How much money can you make doing scalp micropigmentation?
  4. Is micropigmentation a good career?
  5. What does it take for an SMP artist to be successful in Dubai?
  6. Can a tattoo artist do scalp micropigmentation?
  7. How do I learn scalp micropigmentation?
  8. How much does scalp micropigmentation equipment cost?
  9. What is the success rate of SMP?

#1 What qualifications do you need to do scalp micropigmentation?

You’ll typically need specialized training from reputable SMP training programs to become a scalp micropigmentation artist. While formal qualifications like a high school diploma may not be required, having a background in art, cosmetology, or tattooing can be beneficial. What matters most is your dedication to learning the techniques and developing an eye for detail.

Disclaimer: Scalp Micropigmentation courses allow you to practice in Dubai in salons and studios. If you want to work in a clinical setting, you must have an active DHA license. Usually, all professionals with a medical background are eligible to issue a DHA license. Remember that no SMP course can help you get a DHA license. You need a university degree for it. 

#2 What are the most suitable professional backgrounds for SMP?

If you’re considering whether you’ll be a good SMP artist, your professional background may help you advance faster. Scalp micropigmentation is common in many professional fields; for some, it’s a natural addition.

Cosmetology or Beauty Industry

If you have a background in cosmetology (just like our trainer Olga Lelekova), you likely already possess knowledge about skincare, color theory, and client interactions. These skills can provide a solid foundation for safely learning and practicing SMP techniques with all medical precautions. SMP artists with medical or aesthetic backgrounds are most popular among clients because they provide higher professionalism and safety measures.

Tattooing or Permanent Makeup

Tattoo artists and those experienced in permanent makeup have skills related to precision, needlework, and working with pigments. Transitioning into SMP may be smoother for individuals with experience in these fields.

However, the field similarity may be confusing as the SMP motion differs from the ones for standard tattoos and PMU. You’ll need time to adjust and get used to the new knowledge, but it will be a great addition to your existing portfolio.

Also, since you already have a client database, it will be easier for you to start working with your newly acquired SMP skills.

Medical or Healthcare

Professionals in the medical or healthcare field (especially hair translate surgeons) have an advantage in understanding skin health, safety protocols, and hygiene. This background can be precious in maintaining a sterile and safe environment for clients. As mentioned, you’ll gain more trust and respect from your clients, which can become your competitive advantage.

Also, you’ll be able to work in clinics that clients consider more reputable than beauty salons and SMP studios.

Art and Design 

A background in visual arts, graphic design, or fine arts can contribute to your artistic sensibilities and attention to detail. SMP is as much about creating a realistic illusion as it is about technical precision. Remember, there’s much drawing and sketching during the initial sessions; you may feel more comfortable with that than other professionals.

Barbering or Hairdressing

If you’re a barber or hairstylist, you already understand hairlines, hair patterns, and grooming aesthetics. These skills can be beneficial for designing and implementing natural-looking hairlines. Also, SMP would be a great add-on to your service list for men and women with balding issues. You can use your existing client base to attract SMP clients, and you’ll start working on your newly acquired skill much faster than other professionals.

Customer Service

Regardless of your prior background, having strong customer service skills is essential. Building rapport, understanding client needs, and managing expectations play a significant role in the success of any SMP artist. You can make a comfortable setting and productive conversations with your potential clients.

SMP is a new treatment with much popularity in the US and UK and is limited worldwide. It’s a currently emerging trend in the UAE. but clients still ask many diverse questions when they first know the treatment. Your patience and empathy will help them gain confidence in the treatment and your skillset. 

Health and Fitness

Professionals in the health and fitness industry understand the importance of personal appearance and confidence. This understanding can help you connect with clients seeking SMP to improve their self-esteem.

Many questions related to SMP maintenance are related to training and sports. Therefore, you’ll be best equipped to answer them fully and build a plan to maintain SMP and remain active as before.

#3 How much money can you make doing scalp micropigmentation?

Your future income will vary based on location, skill level, and client base. Experienced SMP artists can make a comfortable income starting from 30-50k AED monthly

For example, if you charge, on average, 6000 dhs for two sessions of SMP treatment and have two clients weekly, your weekly income will be 12,000 AED. This may result in 48,000 monthly. 

We’re saying ‘average’ because sometimes you’ll have more simple cases – for example treating 1-2 zones resulting in 2000-4000 AED for two sessions. Sometimes you’ll have mid-sized treatments – 3-4 areas (6000-7000 AED), and sometimes, you’ll have full-head work that can go up to 10,000-12,000 AED. The point is that having two customers a week can help you earn more than many other professionals who work 20 days a month.

In comparison, your beginner training may be an investment of between 9,000 to 13,000 AED, including the equipment. You’ll be able to return that investment within the first couple of weeks working with clients or, worst case – the first two months if your client acquisition is slow. 

Remember that your earnings might be modest initially because you’ll still practice your new skills. But as you build your skills, portfolio, and reputation, your income potential will increase significantly.

As with everything – the beginning is difficult and hopeless. But if you stay persistent, you’ll unlock your true potential and find your best place on the market. Just don’t give up.

#4 Is micropigmentation a promising career?

Absolutely, SMP can be a fulfilling career choice for those passionate about helping people regain confidence through the art of scalp micropigmentation. It’s a rapidly growing field with the potential for artistic expression and financial stability.

Some even say that SMP is like a meditation for the artist – you focus on one thing and do it for several hours. If you’re not sure this suits you, hop on hands-on training and try it. You may find it relaxing and relieving.

#5 What does it take for an SMP artist to be successful in Dubai?

Dubai is a challenging market as people are vain and want the best for the money they pay. That’s why you’ll need to put much effort into building your portfolio and reputation. You may find that you’ll have to go the extra mile to make your client happy and eager to recommend you.

Clients in Dubai also have different skin than other destinations – you’ll have to become proficient at understanding and working with darker and thicker skin types. This will help you create powerful SMP transformations.

#6 Can a tattoo artist do scalp micropigmentation?

Yes, a tattoo artist can transition to scalp micropigmentation with proper training. While there are similarities between tattooing and SMP, SMP requires specialized training to understand the nuances of creating realistic hair follicle impressions.

The good news is that you can use your current tattoo machine and get used to the new technique. And since you already have experience with motor memory, this may be easier for you than for other beginners.

#7 How do I learn scalp micropigmentation?

The best way to learn SMP is to have an experienced SMP mentor. Seek out reputable training programs like the ones 7 Derma Academy provides. These programs teach you the art and technique of creating realistic hair follicle impressions with guidance from the SMP master. Remember, hands-on practice, mentorship, and continuous learning are vital components.

If you’re very new to SMP, start with online training to get all the practical theory in place and practice the technique at home with hands-on exercises. 

#8 How much does scalp micropigmentation equipment cost?

The cost of SMP equipment varies but typically includes a specialized rotary SMP machine, needles, pigments, and other tools. You can expect to invest a few hundred dollars to get started, and as you progress, you can start investing more and more.

7 Derma Academy provides a beginner SMP kit when you choose hands-on or online practical training. Check our SMP courses and get in touch!

#9 What is the success rate of SMP?

The success of SMP depends on various factors, including the artist’s skill, the client’s expectations, and proper aftercare. When done skillfully, SMP can yield a high satisfaction rate, as it helps clients regain a natural-looking hairline and boost their confidence.

You must focus on your daily SMP training and practice to deliver guaranteed results. Remember that even the best SMP artists worldwide practice melon/latex after they finish their work day. SMP is a skill that needs extra care and dedication. 

Are you ready to become a successful SMP artist?
Start online training with Olga Lelekova – the celebrity SMP trainer awarded the Best SMP Artist in The Middle East for 2022.

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