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October 12, 2022

4+2 Tips to Get Started as SMP Artist

SMP beginner

You are an SMP artist! Congratulations!

Starting a career in the hair loss industry is noble – you get the chance to help people with real aesthetic problems. Seeing their smiles and gratitude at the end of the final SMP session is priceless.

However, many professionals experience the ‘just starting’ crisis. You’re new and have little experience, but you’re gifted, knowledgable, and have full potential. 

What do you do?

#1 You start small

Set a goal to become popular amongst your target audience. But don’t go full hands on something too ambitious. Start small and be patient.

Many SMP artists started their careers at super low prices or even shared their skills for free. Why? To generate results and create a portfolio. Success requires sacrifice – at least in the beginning.

Think of all the great SMP artists that you know. They all started as newbies and complete strangers. They didn’t earn their reputation over a night or by chasing big money.

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist - Elena

#2 Work on your skills before establishing your own practice

Before you devote 100% of your workday to your own SMP practice, try to get clients from an established source: 

Work for a reputable SMP master

Most experienced SMP artists won’t chase easy, cheap, or small SMP assignments. But guess what – they will be happy to delegate them to you in return for a commission. You’ll be able to practice risk-free and generate a portfolio, and they won’t look bad to their customers by turning down inquiries. It’s a win-win.

Real-life example: Our gold standard SMP master Olga Lelekova is originally a Medical Aesthetician and a semi-permanent makeup artist. She started offering SMP in the clinic she works – little by little, the clinic was providing more and more SMP clients. This helped her develop her skills and become popular to the point that she has her own brand, and clients worldwide reach out to her directly. 

SMP by 7 Derma and Scalp Expert

Add SMP to your portfolio and slowly build your audience

You might be just getting started with SMP as an additional service. If you already have an established client base, try to attract them to your new treatment – make your offer hard to resist and risk-free. Once you prove your skills, your clients will start bringing in new clients. 

Real-life example: Our award-winning SMP master Elena Kruglova has started as a semi-permanent makeup artist and just added to her portfolio SMP. Then she started attending conferences, training, workshops, and SMP contests to boost her skills. Now she has her own training academy and international client base.

#3 Do continuous training

Clients love to see proof of your expertise. The more certifications and diplomas you have – the better. This gives them the feeling they’re in safe hands. But not only – continuous education helps you:

  • Understand where you stand amongst your competitors;
  • Receive feedback from reputable trainers;
  • Learn secrets that nobody else will teach you;
  • Ask for help with your roadblocks;
  • Understand your mistakes and what to do about them;
  • Prevent future complications and unwanted outcomes;
  • Keep up with all new trends and techniques;
  • Meet SMP artists with whom you can collaborate;
  • Exchange ideas and experience with other SMP masters.

Meeting with professionals from the SMP industry helps you create connections and develop your skills. 

#4 Be active online

Record every single SMP that you do! You don’t know when your videos and images will earn new clients. Of course, with every next SMP that you do, your work will be better and better. Keep track of your progress and share your results.

Here are some helpful channels that you can use:

Social media 

Instagram and TikTok are the best social media for SMP artists. As this is a very visual and results-driven profession, you must constantly showcase your work. 

Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.

Публикация, споделена от 7_Derma (@7_derma)


Having a social media profile is great. Having your own branded website is even better. Your website will help attract organic visitors – those searching for your business intentionally. Your website is your business card – your online face. Share helpful content, your portfolio, and engaging information about yourself – personality, education, experience, professional journey, mission, and beliefs. 

Google my business 

This simple business card in Google will help you get exposure to your target audience. It’s like social media in Google. The best part? Google Reviews will help you showcase all of your happy clients and their lovely experiences with you. Make sure to send them the link to share their 5-star reviews.

You need real reviews to build your reputation. Never underestimate that. And the best place to share them is on Google My Business. 

Tip: To increase your GMB reviews’ visibility, share them on Instagram as stories. Your future clients will appreciate that.

Paid ads 

Use Instagram, Facebook, and Google for paid advertisement. You can do it yourself or delegate it to an agency. Invest in display, social, and search ads to attract clients and gain popularity. This will speed up your progress and add new results to your portfolio.

Start small – plan a budget and focus only on the most important. Don’t advertise everything to everyone. Work with a marketer to determine your needs and audience for success.

Connect with TeamMicro

TeamMicro is the global ambassador of SMP. Its mission is to connect users with highly reputable SMP artists. Their evaluation is tough but don’t get discouraged. They also provide a service to help you with marketing, website, service quality, and more.

Reach out and earn your place on their ambassador website. This will give you more exposure to global clients.

We’re happy to share that 7 Derma is the first Dubai-based SMP center approved and listed in Team Micro.

Collaborate with influencers

Yes! Find a way to get more social media exposure from real clients. Some influencers will be happy to solve their hair loss issues in exchange for promotion. They’ll be passionate about advertising your services if they’re happy with their results.

This will convince their audience that you’re the right person for their needs.

Write in your professional blog

Do you know how thirsty for information SMP clients are? Yes, they are! And if you help them find out more about this service, you’ll win their trust. Write about every single question you get:

  • How to prepare for SMP?
  • Who needs SMP?
  • What’s the difference between SMP and…
  • What to expect?
  • How to maintain my SMP?
  • What to do in between SMP sessions?

And more…

Tip: If you feel writing is not for you, do videos! Add them to your YouTube channel, Instagram stories/reels, or TikTok. Get more exposure!

SMP blog

Advice from our SMP trainers

Olga Lelekova – Best SMP artist in the Middle East 2022

Olga Lelekova SMPPractice. Practice. Practice!

SMP takes time and patience. Practice even when you don’t have clients – on friends, melons, bananas, or latex. Never turn down challenging cases – they help you grow as a professional. It’s scary – I can tell you firsthand. Why? Because of the fear that you’ll mess up!

You know what? Everybody messes up. Even me…
The more important thing is to know how to repair your mistake. Upgrade your knowledge and always have a backup plan when things go wrong. 

My best friend in these situations is the laser SMP tattoo removal. I can makeup mistakes of all kinds. Sometimes people come to me with really bad SMPs. The laser helps me erase all and start new.

Have courage and believe in yourself. We got your back!

Elena Kruglova – SMP trainer and best SMP artist in the Middle East 2022 

Elena Kruglova SMPWhen you finish your first SMP course, don’t wait for a client to show up or to find a place to practice. Continue practicing on melons, latex, or banana. Skills get weaker with time if you stop practicing. When you find your first client, you might have forgotten what you’ve learned. No course can make you an expert. You become an expert by practicing 24/7. 

Another tip for beginners is to tell all of your friends and family before starting any course. Tell all of your current clients if you’re in the beauty sector. Offer them a big discount for SMP as you’re just starting and need to practice. They will be happy to solve their hair loss problem, and you’ll get your first clients easily.

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