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September 2, 2019

Permanent Facial Hair Removal For Men: Questions & Answers

Permanent facial hair removal guide for men.

How to remove facial hair? This is a top question we know everybody asks.

When it comes to permanent hair removal men and women have different motives, expectations and of course – there are different aesthetic strategies for women and men when doing permanent facial hair removal.

We get a lot of questions about this area and today we are ready to answer them in a way that everyone who is interested would benefit. We start with the gents.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Men

Shaving is the most common method for hair removal that men use. The downsides of that are:

  • It has a very short term effect – in a few days the hair grows back.
  • It doesn’t reduce the thickness of the hair – even the opposite.
  • Some men with thicker facial hair experience ingrown hair. This could be very painful and discomforting since it
  • causes inflammation.
  • It could lead to razor burn which is again very discomforting and if not treated well could lead to inflammation.
    Shaving is not the best option for shaping your beard.

All of these shaving side effects lead to booking an appointment for laser hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal popular treatment for men?

Yes. Although we see many men who shy away from coming in the clinic, laser hair removal is actually a very UNI sex procedure. It’s not reserved only for women.

Men who come at the clinic for laser hair removal usually treat their beards, back and chest. These are the most desired body areas for hair density reduction.

1 in every 5 customers are men.

What benefits males get from facial laser hair removal?

Let’s sum this up:

  • Permanent hair reduction;
  • You can shape your beard as you desire;
  • Reduces rashes after shaving;
  • Eliminates the chance of getting ingrown hair;
  • Hair becomes thinner;
  • Less shaving and waxing;
  • More time for other activities;
  • More comfort when climate gets unbelievably hot.

Does the facial hair go away completely?

We always advise our male clients to consider it as a permanent hair reduction. Most of them aim for that and get the results they are looking for. The beard is a very specific area and most men would want to keep it growing. The problem they’d like to eliminate is the thickness of the hair so it doesn’t cause future complications.

Of course if you’d like to completely remove your beard, you’d have to visit the clinic until it goes away for good. The number of sessions depends on your individual characteristics – density, thickness, the way your body would react.
Is hair reduction permanent?

The word ‘permanent’ is not only a marketing trick. It’s a real result. So yes – results are permanent. The best part is that further shaving won’t change the results – your hair will stay thinner for good.

How many sessions do I have to take to see visible results?

Usually the hair becomes thinner after the 6th session. So this is the minimum number of sessions to see the desired results. After this recommended number of sessions depending on your results together we will decide how many sessions would be appropriate for your goals.

How to maintain my results?

You can go on with the shaving and trimming after the laser hair removal treatment cycle. We always recommend follow up sessions at least once a year.

Is laser hair removal suitable for all types of hair?

Laser hair removal beams destroy the melanin. The darker the hair – the more melanin it has. This means that men with dark beards (brown to black) are the best candidates.

If you have a blond hair we also have an option for you: The Alexandrite Laser which is a little bit different than the regular laser hair removal machine. It’s a great option for fine hair and light hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?

Maybe 15 years ago it was. Today we work with very advanced technology that makes the sessions feel very peaceful. Yes, there is discomfort but you can totally bear it. The feeling is like pulling a bandage – sometimes you feel it less, sometimes you feel it a little bit more.

The laser we work with has a cooling stream that protects your skin from the laser’s heat.

How long a session lasts?

It’s very quick – the laser part is no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Do I have to shave before the session?

Yes. This is because melanin absorbs the laser beams and we want the melanin under the skin to absorb the whole heat so it’s easily destroyed. Also the laser burns the hair over the skin and makes it impossible to shave until it grows a little bit more.

So always shave before laser hair removal session. If you forget – we will shave your beard for you!

Is there any chance to have my skin burned?

Not at all if the treatment is done by trained and experienced practitioner. Here at 7 Derma the staff is trained to adjust the machine settings so the laser is safe for the skin and effective for your goals.

These are the most frequent questions men ask and look for detailed answers. We hope this article helps you and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the clinic.

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