Easy homemade mask for happy skin without acne

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November 2, 2017

Easy homemade mask for happy skin without acne

Have you ever wondered how your life would look like if you overcome acne? I bet you do. Because I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Well, at least I used to!

Months ago I stumbled on an article saying that turmeric is a fine remedy for many diseases. I’ve never thought that acne would be one of them. I used to have inflamed skin which was really lowering my self-esteem. Or at least I decided to blame it on my skin.

Every morning I knew I would see a surprise in the mirror. And not a pleasant one. Foundation makeup. Powders. Correctors. Couldn’t live without those stuff. I sheer horror was for me to see someone aiming his or her fingers to my face… or getting close to someone with this face with multiple layers of makeup.

Yup! Life isn’t so easy when you hide skin imperfections. Fortunately I got lucky to try a few things. I’m about to reveal you a secret that helped me get rid of my acne!


Ok. Get a table spoon of ground natural or organic turmeric. Now add one table spoon of organic raw honey. Now mix those two ingredients together. Voala! You have your remedy ready.

Now – wash your face with gentle cleansing solution and then apply the mask. Stay with it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with luke warm water.

Depending in your skin a slight pigmentation may occur after the application of the mask. Some people experience yellow coloring which goes away after your morning face wash. I haven’t experienced any coloration. Hope you are lucky as I am too.

Apply the mask daily for at least 2 weeks and see what happens! I happen to notice how my skin looks and feels better by the end of the first week. I got so excited that I can’t stop talking about it!

Turmeric benefits

Turmeric’s active compound is curcumin. It is highly anti-inflammatory and inhibits pathogen molecules which play role in inflammation (both acute and chronic).

Turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant – it frees our bodies from free radicals and stimulates our own antioxidant enzymes.

When swollen turmeric has the potential to prevent wide variety of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, cancer, heart disease.

Turmeric fights bacteria and heals the skin.

Honey benefits

Honey is God’s gift to the human kind. It is sweet. It is healthy. It tastes amazing. It is packed with numerous nutrients. It does not have expiration date. And so much more.

Honey is also very rich in antioxidants. It helps us recycle dead and mutating cells and activates our own antioxidant enzyme activity.

Honey promotes wound healing, treats burns and regenerates the skin. It is perfect for skin inflammation recovery.

Honey moisturizes the skin without making it oily. Hydrated and oily are different categories.

Honey fights acne. It destroys the bacteria causing it.

When swollen honey fights flue, sinus infections, increases memory, boosts sex drive, treats hangover, fights cancer and so much more.

Honey fights pathogens and hydrates the skin.

How I boosted my healing process?

I finally decided to try aesthetic treatment for acne and skin blemishes. What really helped me was Laser Carbon Peel. It is a procedure which uses liquid carbon. It absorbs all impurities and excessive grease. Then a laser runs through the skin and destroys the carbon along with the absorbed impurities. After the treatment your skin looks and feels so pure…

Laser also stimulates blood flow and collagen production so recovery from acne speeds up. I have to mention – it is totally painless. I could even fall asleep. So nice to know that there is always a solution to any problem that you have.

Carbon peel is another way to keep your face clean.

How I maintain my healthy acne FREE skin?

I actually practice self-love and appreciation. Yes, my skin is not perfect – but I thank it for what it is. I still do once or twice a month cleansing masks and some rejuvenating skincare therapies. I just love to take care of my skin!

Acne is not a judgement. You have everything you need in order to overcome this condition. Try natural remedies, skincare treatments, practice self-love and self-acceptance. I know it sounds easy. But it really is!

Please, share your journey to acne free skin in the comments below!

Turmeric, honey and Carbon peel rock for me! What rocks for you, dear?

Note: This article has been written by our client Daniela Koleva. She wanted to share her tips and tricks with you and we hope they are useful for you!


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