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November 25, 2022

2 Effective Dark Lips Treatments

Lip pigmentation solutions

Lp pigmentation (a.k.a. dark lips) is one of the most common concerns in the Middle East. Why? The biggest risk factors are sun exposure and inflammation. Without proper protection, most people get darker lips.

Even if this pigmentation is harmless for your health or easily hidden with lipstick (if you’re a lady), the insecurity stays – especially if you want to break free from makeup. Unfortunately, men don’t have the tools to hide lip pigmentation. That’s why cosmetic treatments exist – to help anyone hide, remove or heal imperfections.

Why Do Dark Lips Appear?

Believe it or not, the list is very long. In addition to sun exposure and inflammation, what triggers the ‘dark lips’ phenomenon is:

  • Cigarette smoking;
  • Lack of hydration;
  • Allergy to lipstick, lip gloss, toothpaste;
  • Lip damage and sucking;
  • Excess caffeine;
  • Genetics and ethnicity;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • Hormonal imbalance.

The good news is that you can hide pigmentation or cure it with affordable treatments. Let’s see together what are the pros and cons of two top-rated solutions:

Lip Blush Tattoo for Hiding Dark Lips

Men tend to skip this section. But don’t!

Lip blush can be a very natural-looking tattoo that only hides hyperpigmentation on lips without giving additional color. In the beginning, lips might look more pinkish, but once they heal, they’ll look 100% natural. 

It all depends on the PMU artist and their skills.

What is lip blush?

Lip blush is an advanced technique semi-permanent artists insert organic pigments into the lips. The treatment usually requires 2 sessions, but pigmented lips may need more to achieve the desired results.

The PMU artist can neutralize dark lips when the client has pigmented lips. The artist must neutralize the natural color with the first session. Then in two sessions, they will apply the most suitable color for your lips and boost it every next session.

The final result can be seen after the healing period (4 weeks after the treatment).

Lip blush tattoo benefits

Results are 100% guaranteed

If you choose a PMU artist with experience in dark lips correction, you’ll get 100% good results. Why? Because it’s a tattoo that will cover your pigmentation fully. It’s not a cream you must apply and wait several months to see results. 

Lips will look at their best

If you want to get a natural result, then your SMP artist is the one who chooses your color based on your skin type, original lip color, lip color nuances, and more. They will make your lips look natural for you. The beauty of this treatment is that you don’t have to think about all the details – your PMU artist will make the difficult decisions. 

You need to trust them and discuss all of your desires, goals, expectations, and frustrations.

Boosts self-esteem

If dark lips are insecurity for you, then lip blush will make it go away. Ladies will be stunning even without makeup. And gents will have a natural result without others noticing that they’ve done lip blush. A true confidence booster.

No special aftercare

You don’t have to follow specific protocols or change your daily routine. Here’s a list of things you need to do even if you don’t have lip blush:

  • Hydrate your lips;
  • Drink plenty of water (2L-3L);
  • Use sun protection;
  • Avoid sucking or picking your lips;
  • Reduce smoking and caffeine.

Lip blush cons

PMU artist skills

Only some PMU artists can handle pigmented lips. If the artist is inexperienced, you can end up having more pigmentation on your lips. Treating dark lips with tattoos requires a high level of skin knowledge and experience. That’s why you should always choose an experienced PMU artist with a good-looking portfolio.

The tattoo is temporary

Regular lip blush might last up to 5 years. However, lip blush on pigmented lips has a shorter life span – about 1-2 years. That means you’ll have to touch up every year and, in some time – completely re-do it.

The healing process

… might be discouraging. But you need to understand that healing is part of the fantastic result you’ll get. For about a month after the treatment, your lips might look worse than before. They will start to peel and might look more pigmented than before. 

But don’t worry!

Stay strong, and don’t judge your results within the first 4 weeks. And don’t pull or pick your peeling skin because it will cause damage to your results and more pigmentation.


Even if it’s not a surgery, you must consider a few steps before you visit your PMU artist: 

  • Exfoliate your lips 3 days before the treatment;
  • Avoid blood thinners, alcohol, caffeine, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aspirin, and fish oil 48 hours before your appointment.

This makes the treatment discomforting, but it’s a necessary step for successful results.

Laser Lip Lightening for Dark Lips

Laser lip lightening is a rejuvenating treatment that corrects dark lips. It doesn’t cover it. It removes it. It’s suitable for all men and women at any age. The best part is that the treatment is pretty simple and doesn’t require much investment or complicated execution.

What is a lip-lightening laser?

The treatment uses a particular laser to target the lips with light beams. Those beams destroy the overproduced melanin in the lips and stimulate collagen production. The laser works only with the upper layer of the lips’ skin and doesn’t go as deep as other lasers (CO2, for example). Therefore, you can do it monthly.


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Benefits of laser lip lightening

Solves the problem with pigmentation

By reducing pigmentation. No hiding, no camouflage. These are just actual results that are 100% natural. 

Reverses the aging processes

Do you need to remove fine lines from your lips? The laser treatment is ideal for that. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it look super young. 

Treatment is quick and affordable

This treatment is one of the most inexpensive cosmetic treatments. At the same time – viral and common. It lasts a few minutes, and you can do it during your lunch break. 

Has different levels of application

The laser lip lightening treatment can be performed with two lasers – ablative and non-ablative. The ablative one is powerful and aggressive – it destroys the melanin in the lips and vaporizes the upper layer. Therefore, the recovery is much slower. 


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The non-ablative laser is a nanosecond laser with a milder effect – it heats the skin to break down pigments. Therefore, the recovery is faster, and the results aim at pigmentation reduction. Choosing the right laser depends on your doctor’s recommendation.

Results are long-lasting

The laser reduces pigmentation for good. Of course, it’s essential always to remember the cause of your pigmentation – if it’s a lifestyle issue (such as smoking), you need to take action so the pigmentation issue doesn’t appear again. Your post-care will determine how long you’ll keep your results.

Laser lip-lightening cons

Requires multiple sessions

Some people have only slight pigmentation and can get great results from 1 session. Other cases require 3-6 and sometimes even more than 6. It all depends on your lips’ condition and goals. 

Risk of infection

If the practitioner is inexperienced or you don’t follow the aftercare protocol correctly, you can get inflammation. This inflammation will get you off track with your results and will definitely lead to regretful thoughts. Choose your treatment provider carefully and be diligent in aftercare.

A long list of preparation instructions

To have a successful treatment, you must prepare for the treatment. For some of you, the list might be discomforting. But you need to remember why you are doing this.

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, other lip treatments, lip priming, lip scrubbing, or applying home remedies 7 days before the treatment.
  • Moisturize your lips thoroughly 7 days before the treatment.

Healing process

Some people are okay with the healing process that lasts up to 4 weeks after each laser session. You’ll experience lip peeling, swelling, redness, discomfort, and lymph fluids getting out of your lips every time.

Extensive after-care

Usually, the list is long, and you need to take extensive care during the healing process. You can check the complete list here: 

Final words

Every treatment has its list of benefits and downsides. The most important thing to remember is that there’s no good or bad treatment. There are suitable and not suitable – based on your needs, expectations, desires, and preferences.

Can’t decide which treatment is better for you? Contact us for a consultation, and let’s find out together.

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