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January 14, 2021

4 Ways Biorevitalization Helps Your Skin

Biorevitalization for hydrated skin

Biorevitalization is an unique aesthetic technology that helps you obtain a younger, brighter and fresher skin appearance. It’s specifically designed to nourish any skin with extra hyaluronic acid – and you know that this acid is crucial for having elastic and radiant skin.

Biorevitalization is useful for fighting the most popular skin conditions:

  • Dryness;
  • Aging;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Acne and scarring.

In this article we’ll meet you with Biorevitalization’s top benefits for your skin!

Why does biorevitalization work?

Because it has many solution blends. One of the most popular which we use is haPN70. Basically the biorevitalization treatment uses a syringe full of hyaluronic acid. haPN70 has additional glutathione antioxidants for detox and skin lightening and salmon DNA for maximum compatibility with the human DNA.

Top 3 ingredients of haPN70:

  • Hyaluronic acid – deep hydration;
  • Salmon DNA (most compatible to human DNA) – for deep regeneration;
  • Glutathione – skin lightening and even complexion.

What to expect during and after the sessions?

During the treatment we insert the biorevitalization haPN70 solution into the skin with the help of a syringe. This method drives the ingredients to penetrate deeply and promotes better absorption. Once the hyaluronic acid enters the skin, it starts holding on water to hydrate the skin – up to 500 molecules of water. To have an elastic, fresh, healthy and radiant skin, it must be hydrated enough.

Results come in 3-4 sessions unlike other facial treatments (for example the dermapen therapy can give you results in 5-10 sessions). Each session is repeated after a 3 or 4 week window between the sessions.

What to expect: clear, lifted and radiant skin.

#1 Biorevitalization for anti-age results

Skin aging is inevitable for all of us. The question is not “will we age?”, but “when well age and how?” Most times the aging process can be slowed down by diligent skin care. The earlier you take actions, the longer your skin will stay vibrant, wrinkleless and beautiful.

Beauty is not only symmetry but also clear complexion. With aging the body reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid it produces. Hyaluronic acid is key to skin hydration. Thus the biorevitalization injects directly the missing acid to reverse the process of dehydration.

Bonus effect: The hyaluronic acid stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin for even better tightening and skinlift.


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A recent study of NCBI shared the results of tremendous benefits of biorevitalization. The study included 64 women between the age of 37-60. They all got better skin complexion and texture at the end of the therapy (3-4 sessions):

Instrumental assessment showed, as early as after the second biorevitalizing treatment, the antiaging efficacy of the tested product; there was a clinical and statistically significant improvement of profilometric parameters, skin brightness, pigmentation, and deep skin hydration.

#2 Biorevitalization for skin brightening

Glutathione – the ingredient which helps in brightening skin complexion and detox. This natural antioxidant helps the body get rid of free radicals and regenerates the body on cellular level.

Glutathione is one of the ingredients in biorevitalization blend. This can help any skin become clearer and more brighter. The results depend on skin condition and the main goals.

When it comes to hyperpigmentation, biorevitalization soothes the intensity of the condition. We recommend you to undertake a consultation with an experienced aesthetician who will design for you personalized therapy.

Biorevitalization alone might not be enough to give you the results you expect if you suffer from hyperpigmentation and scarring. It does wonders when combined with other treatments such as PRP, mesotherapy or other chemical peels.

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#3 Biorevitalization for deep hydration

Did you know that dehydration equals aging?

Thanks to the special biorevitalization blend you can hydrate your skin as never before. In addition to your skin care treatments best results you’ll notice when you also cultivate further daily skin care habits:

  • Drink a lot of water daily – 6 to 8 glasses of 200 ml;
  • Use sunscreen when you go out;
  • Apply high quality organic skin care cosmetics;
  • Wash your face with gentle organic milk;
  • Before applying cream to your face use organic rose water (it hydrates deeply);
  • Apply salty water compress to your skin for 20 mins – mix half teaspoon salt and 1.5L filtered water. Soak paper or cotton pads with the mix and apply for 20 mins over the skin.
  • Eat much fruits and fresh veggies;
  • Consume hydrating drinks – freshly squeezed juices, salty water, lemon water and etc.;
  • Take your daily vitamins for beautiful skin – keratin, vitamins A, E, antioxidants;
  • Detox your liver daily – it impacts so much your skin you can’t even imagine;

What to avoid for healthy skin?

  • Stay away from cosmetics with alcohol and artificial ingredients;
  • Less drinking, junk food and smoking;
  • Keep away from soap based face washing solutions;
  • Reduce stress – workout, do yoga, travel, gather with friends, go on long walks, meditate, do more of the things you love;
  • Say no to all things that exhaust you and feel like keep you back in life.

#4 Biorevitalization for beautiful hands

This part of the article is for all of you who feel tired of drying out their skin with:

  • Constant hand washing;
  • Regular disinfectant usage;
  • Dish washing;
  • Too cold or too hot weather.


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Many women already experience the side effect of constant disinfection – the skin dries and starts wrinkling. Thanks to biorevitalization you can reverse this process and get back the youth of your hands. It takes up to 4 sessions and the results are guaranteed.

You can also combine this treatment with Laser Carbon Peel for hand rejuvenation. Ask your aesthetician for more information about this option.

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