10 ideas for feeling absolutely amazing during New Year's Eve

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December 26, 2017

10 ideas for feeling absolutely amazing during New Year’s Eve

New year's eve is special!

It’s crazy how when we have big event coming up (like New Year’s Eve) we want to look and feel perfect.

I can never forget how the wedding of my best friend was the most important event during 2017. I wanted to look as perfect as possible. All of this frustration and anxiety around the wedding made my skin flare up – right before the event.

Yup! Not kidding at all. I could barely accept myself on that day with those 2 big pimples on my face. And for my absolute disappointment – makeup couldn’t hide them. It actually made them look worse.

Ok. Enough with this nightmare… My point is just about to crystalize.

This story leads me to this…

Never stress over how you look. EVER!

It’s not just because this brings negative emotion and feeling of anxiety. It is because this negative emotion actually lowers your self-esteem since this assumption is driven by doubt. The more you focus on what you don’t want, the more likely it is going to happen.

“I need to look perfect!”

New Year’s Eve is once a year! I want to make others drop their jaws!”

“There are going to be so many people. They will be looking at me. I have to make sure they are stunned by what they see.”

Well if you think like that, I can assure you that your chances of ending up like me on my best friend’s wedding… are huge.

What to do instead? Practice self-acceptance, self-love and self-care. It might sound too spiritual or too general. But when you start saying to yourself in an honest way

“I love you!”

“You are beautiful.”

“I like you the way you are.”

“You still look amazing.”

“Everything is fine and it is all going to be ok.”

… miracles happen to your being. This positive energy really clears your skin and keeps you healthy, vibrant and attractive.

So try this strategy. It won’t hurt. But be persistent and don’t give up when that negative voice comes along:

“Are you kidding me?!”

“This is so stupid. I don’t know why I’m even doing this.”

“This is strange. And I feel like a fool.”

It’s ok. Keep on.

Do at least 1 thing a day until New Year’s Eve that you love and makes you feel good

What makes you feel good? Think for a minute or two. The first thing that pops up in your mind – that is.

I will actually share with you what makes me feel good when there is a lot going on:


If you are a fan of Eastern practices try meditating. Sound boring or too strange. Well, surprise, surprise.

Meditation is a way to connect with your inner self. It calms the mind and helps you receive thoughts of change. It turns off the analytical brain and refreshes your energy. After 10 minutes of being calm with your eyes closed, you feel reborn. As if you have slept for an hour or two.


Yoga is about breathing and concentration. It is your moving meditation. If it feels too boring to stay on one place with your eyes closed, try to move and get the same benefits.

Now. I know you are not used to relax and go easy on yourself. Life is supposed to be tough and you have to struggle your way to happiness and success. If you just stop and try to relax it feels as if you do nothing and you are useless.

I used to feel that way too. As if I’m wasting my time. But when you stop and relax, you initiate greater momentum for success and happiness. No wonder why we have two nervous systems – sympathetic and parasympathetic. Because we need both – dynamics and relaxation.

Take a bubble bath

One more way to trigger the relaxation mode – water purifies our energy fields and washes away negative experiences. This is why after a tough day we would like to get under the shower and just release what we no longer need.

Buy myself a gift

I don’t need to wait for someone to give me a gift. I can do that for myself any time. And before the end of the year is a great time. When we shop and buy nice things for ourselves we release endorphins which lift our mood up.

Fancy dress, underwear, nice jewelry, delicious food, makeup or anything…

Now think about what would make you feel good and go spend some money. You will love it!

Do some beauty therapies

I just absolutely love to have my nails, hair and facials done right before New Year’s Eve. Doing beauty treatments makes me feel like a queen – mighty and gorgeous. I might even try something new like morocco bath, exotic massage or anything… as long as it feels good.

Write down what am I grateful for

Reflecting on events during 2017 is the best way to close the year and step into the new one. Write down thank you for the good things that happened during this year. They might not be much. Or they might be plenty.

And write down your wishes for the upcoming one.

This is a life changer. Trust me.

Have some fun with my besties

Invite your closest friend for a glass of wine before New Year’s Eve and share all the memorable moments of 2017. Laugh about the funny ones. Laugh even harder about the not so pleasant ones.

2018 is a new beginning. Make sure to start it with gratitude and feeling good.

Setting my mood

I love to affirm that New Year’s Eve would be the best night for 2017. I am going to have a blast and I will welcome the most amazing year of all that I have ever welcomed – 2018.

Mindset is everything. Be grateful for anything good that happens around New Year’s Eve and more will come to your experience. Whatever you do not like acknowledge it and just forget about it. It is not worth the effort to focus on.

Ok, you wonderful goddess – step up and start feeling good. Your mood is in your control. You set the rules of the game.

So go on and do what makes you feel good with no regrets.

You deserve it!

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