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Mastering the side profile

Steps to complete the assignment: Follow the steps of the side profile video Pick a hairline type Draw the side profile line Make a picture Upload your work to the assignment You can continue to the next lesson once you pass the assignment with 5+ points (out of 10). Please, find an attachment of the […]

Mastering the front hairlines

Steps to completing the assignment: Follow the instructions from the previous lessons Draw all types of hairlines on a piece of paper – straight. curved. v-shape, round. Take a picture of all of them. Upload them  Please, find attached a template. You can print it for your convenience. You can continue to the next lesson […]

Practicing dot depth

Follow the steps to complete the assignment: Get a machine, needles and a pigment to start practising at home (you can start with a low-grade equipment until you become ready to become an artist) Take a melon Draw a hairline Name the melon Start doing dots on the melon Take a picture after the first […]

Mastering SMP pattern

Steps to complete the assignment: Choose a pattern and practice dot placement. Use different marker colours for each session. Add all sessions to the sheet. Complete all exercises – general dot placement, snail and snake. Make a picture. Upload the image for review and assessment.  You can continue with the next lessons once you pass […]

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