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Our mission is to build an unbreakable bond between professionals and clients. Here you can find One Stop Solutions for everything you need:

Semi-permanent makeup and SMP treatments.

Wide range of non-surgical aesthetic therapies.

Scalp micropigmentation training.

Complete care and personal attitude.

For us, YOU are not just a client.

You are that unique spark that shines bright in our world full of imperfections.

… and it is time to show you how perfect you can be!

Our Services

We provide special care for every area that needs extra attention such as face, skin, body and weight management, hair and nails.

  1. SMP treatment & Training

    When you can’t fight hair loss, you can camouflage it with scalp micropigmentation. Our gold standard SMP artist Olga Lelekova is awarded as the best artist in the Middle East. Get in touch!

  2. Skin rejuvenation treatments

    Experience the full potential of modern aesthetics with our advanced skin-rejuvenating beauty therapies. Come to our center and breathe in health and beauty… and calmly exhale problems and stress!

  3. Facials & Peels

    Say good-bye to any skin imperfections such as acne, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, or any signs of aging. We are here to keep you young for long! Confide in us with our modern methods of performing facials and peels.

  4. Face contouring & Semi-permanent makeup

    Skin lifting, toning, and tightening, botox, fillers, permanent make-up. Tired of fighting with time? We have the most suitable therapies to keep your face glowing and youthful. Try them and see the results for yourself!

  5. Body contouring & Body treatments

    Weight loss has never been easier. Take advantage of the latest treatments for cellulite and body fat reduction, tattoo, and veins removal. Here at 7 Derma, we make your life easier and full of confidence!

  6. Hair loss treatments & Hair removal

    We are experts at giving your hair growth a second chance. Try our innovative treatments for hair loss and find out what magic actually means… Or perhaps you struggle with excess hair? Please do yourself a favor and visit us for permanent hair removal!

Our Certificates

Our perception of beauty in this world


One tiny little word that changes everything about our existence.

Our human race has seen significant events happening driven by the desire to see, have, or be surrounded by beauty.

We have fought for beauty.

We have betrayed for beauty.

We have loved beauty.

We have done many great deeds for beauty.

We have done not-so-great deeds for beauty.

Beauty is the center of our universe. Beauty is physical, mental, and spiritual.

Therefore we devoted our lives to bring forth the beauty we all want to see.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in aesthetics. We have worked mainly in the Middle East and speak several languages, such as English, Arabic, Russian and Bulgarian.

Our main goal is to help you achieve your full potential through beauty and aesthetics. We work with the latest technologies and always stay up to date with the news, studies, achievements, and development in the world of aesthetics.

With our services, you choose to receive the following:

  • High-quality treatments.
  • Great results.
  • Personal care.
  • Individual offers.

… a wish coming true!

Please become part of our great community of happy clients who trust us with their well-being and appearance.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our Team of Specialist

Olga Lelekova
Medical Aesthetics / SMP & SPMU artist
Licensed Aesthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist with more than 15 years experience in the UAE.
Lyudmila Yaghorova - Medical Aesthetician and Laser Therapist.
Ludmyla Yaghorova
Laser Specialist / Medical Aesthetics
Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Specialist with more than 20 years of International experience, including Jordan and UAE.
Dentist Parisa at 7 Derma
Dr. Parisa S. Kia DDS
Cosmetic and family dentist, graduated from Azad University of Tehran. She has been practicing in the USA, Iran and UAE for the past 15 years. Dr. Parisa helps her clients get glowing smiles and strong teeth.

What They Are Saying

7 Derma Center
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antonina aglodina
antonina aglodina
12:05 04 May 23
many thanks Olga! the SMP course is detailed without water, everything is clear and understandable. I highly recommend your academy. See you again for second level 🥰🥰🥰
16:01 01 May 23
I come here regularly for laser tattoo removal and I’m very satisfied. The team is very pleasant and despite the slight pain the laser sessions are organized as comfortable as possible. I can definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.
Dr Ssrija Nair
Dr Ssrija Nair
09:50 24 Apr 23
It's a perfect space to shed the unwanted fat, without pain.. Ms. Olga guided well about the procedure and helped to do a perfect package while Ms. Sheeja did the treatment with ease and care.. I do recommend this space for everyone who wants to shed unwanted fat without any pain.. Keep doing your good work 👏 👍
Lena Sailyan
Lena Sailyan
16:31 16 Apr 23
Doctor LUDMILA , she is the best , so professional for all the treatments. I done with her and I get very excellent results. Recommended only her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sunita Sinha
Sunita Sinha
14:23 16 Apr 23
I took Vella shape and other services Sheeja was my consultant..She is very professional and always make sure i won't feel uncomfortable. I could see visible results after my 3 sessions only.
Um O
Um O
08:53 07 Apr 23
I am long time will 7derma and doing all my treatment here. I refer all my friends here because they very professional, friendly and always giving special prices and treatments 😉 I am happy and my therapist is Luda 👍
Fathima Yousuf
Fathima Yousuf
14:46 08 Dec 21
Changed my skin game!!I have an Acne-prone skin and post accutane, I was still left with pitted scars, marks and redness all over my face.I opted for mesotherapy and did it every month for almost a year. I saw a drastic difference on my skin texture and my scars. I started getting compliments from my folks and friends, till this day they don’t stop ❤️Dr.Olga is so gentle with the treatment and so accommodating in every way, highly recommended her.I have been going for 2 years now.Keep in mind! Acne prone skin cannot be 100% flawless even after multiple treatments, but it can definitely improve, glow and the pitted scars will become less prominent.Highly recommend this clinic.
Akif Jamal
Akif Jamal
06:51 10 Nov 21
I contacted Olga for SMP, Initially I was bit hesitate of taking SMP services as I was scared and confused. Then she contacted me back after some days and book me for free consultation, explaining me how this works. After meeting her and taking such a remarkable and quality services, I have to say she knows what do to, how to do and how to do in a extreme professional way. She is highly professional and perfectionist in her field.I am quite happy with their services.Their prices are also very fair, Clinic is located in good location with good hygienic and clean environment and I would highly recommend her and this clinic.Thank you Olga for your services.
Emy El Shahawy
Emy El Shahawy
12:30 05 Nov 21
Very clean place and courteous staff .Olga is sweet lady with very professional approach;Personalized service She tells you in the consultation what your body needs and suggests the right treatment
14:58 25 Oct 21
Had a great experience. Can't wait for the next session. People are really cooperative and friendly. Keep it up!
Manish Madan Rao
Manish Madan Rao
07:19 25 Oct 21
I had the best experience at this clinic for skin treatment by Miss Olga , who is a thorough professional & expert at her work. Highly Recommended for all the services provided at the clinic!
Elie Shammas
Elie Shammas
18:35 02 Sep 21
This place is amazing with type of service they do,They are very professional, specially Olga.Previously, I had very bad experience with some one when I tried to do SMP ( Scalp Micro Pigmentation ), the result was totally not good and had spots in my head.Thanks to Olga, she returned the situation back to normal in less than 5 minutes.If you had such experience, I do recommend them they know what they do.
Hanen Osama
Hanen Osama
15:41 31 Aug 21
I did my lush lifting with Olga and I love my results. I will do it again because I love it!!! Thank you
Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul
01:02 31 Aug 21
Outstanding experience! I'm very happy I found Ms. Olga for my SMP, their professional service is simply amazing.I highly recommend 7Derma center for those who seeks scalp micro pigmentation.SMP WORLD DUBAI_7DERMA_OLGA..
The Tope’s Channel
The Tope’s Channel
17:35 30 Aug 21
Professional and amazing customer satisfaction..pleasant staff and amazing results…
Sechuamboh Bernadette
Sechuamboh Bernadette
08:47 23 Aug 21
I have a dark lips but Olga did for me lip blush and now its pinkish. I am very very happy ! Thank you Olga🙏💗
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