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About Us


7 Derma is an aesthetic department at Gaga Medical & Aesthetic Center in Dubai.
Our mission is to build an unbreakable bond between professionals and clients. Here you can find One Stop Solutions for everything you need:

Complex dental services.

Wide range of non-surgical aesthetic therapies.

Complete care and personal attitude.

For us, YOU are not just a client.

You are that unique spark that shines bright in our world full of imperfections.

… and it is time to show you how perfect you can be!

Our Services

We provide special care for every area that needs extra attention such as face, skin, body and weight management, hair and nails.

  1. Skin rejuvenation treatments

    Experience the full potential of modern aesthetics with our advanced skin-rejuvenating beauty therapies. Come to our center and breathe in health and beauty… and calmly exhale problems and stress!

  2. Facials & Peels

    Say good-bye to any skin imperfections such as acne, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, or any signs of aging. We are here to keep you young for long! Confide in us with our modern methods of performing facials and peels.

  3. Face contouring & Semi-permanent makeup

    Skin lifting, toning, and tightening, botox, fillers, permanent make-up. Tired of fighting with time? We have the most suitable therapies to keep your face glowing and youthful. Try them and see the results for yourself!

  4. Body contouring & Body treatments

    Weight loss has never been easier. Take advantage of the latest treatments for cellulite and body fat reduction, tattoo, and veins removal. Here at 7 Derma, we make your life easier and full of confidence!

  5. Hair loss treatments & Hair removal

    We are experts at giving your hair growth a second chance. Try our innovative treatments for hair loss and find out what magic actually means… Or perhaps you struggle with excess hair? Please do yourself a favor and visit us for permanent hair removal!

Our Certificates

Our perception of beauty in this world


One tiny little word that changes everything about our existence.

Our human race has seen significant events happening driven by the desire of seeing, having, or being surrounded by beauty.

We have fought for beauty.

We have betrayed for beauty.

We have loved beauty.

We have done many great deeds for beauty.

We have done not-so-great deeds for beauty.

Beauty is the center of our universe. And sometimes, beauty is not only the aesthetic part of our existence. Beauty is physical, mental, and spiritual.

We are not spiritual gurus, nor are we enlightened philosophers.

What we devoted our lives to is the beauty that you can see and touch. Not because we are materialistic. But because we are just humans.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in aesthetics. We have worked mainly in the Middle East, and we speak several languages such as English, Arabic, Russian and Bulgarian.

Our main goal is to help you achieve your full potential through beauty and aesthetics. We work with the latest technologies, and we always stay up to date with the news, studies, achievements, and development in the world of aesthetics.

With our services, you choose to receive:

  • High-quality treatments.
  • Great results.
  • Personal care.
  • Individual offers.

… a wish coming true!

Please become part of our great community of happy clients who trust us with their well-being and appearance.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our Team of Specialist

Olga Lelekova
Medical Aesthetics / SMP & SPMU artist
Licensed Aesthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist with more than 15 years experience in the UAE.
Lyudmila Yaghorova - Medical Aesthetician and Laser Therapist.
Ludmyla Yaghorova
Laser Specialist / Medical Aesthetics
Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Specialist with more than 20 years of International experience, including Jordan and UAE.
Dentist Parisa at 7 Derma
Dr. Parisa S. Kia DDS
Cosmetic and family dentist, graduated from Azad University of Tehran. She has been practicing in the USA, Iran and UAE for the past 15 years. Dr. Parisa helps her clients get glowing smiles and strong teeth.
3Qualified Staff
12Up-to-date Machines
3575Satisfied Patients

How to use our online shop

Step One

You can find our special offers by selecting Dubai Beauty Deals from the main menu. You will see all of our services and special promos.

Step Two

You can open and see any offer that you are interested in. Take your time to fully inspect our services. All of them are professionally performed and give amazing results.

Step Three

Choose the offer you can’t resist and finish your order – we won’t ask you to pay online. You will be able to pay at the clinic at the day you come for your treatments.

Step Four

Within 24-48 hours we will contact you and schedule an appointment at the clinic. The only thing that lefts is you to come and visit us for a nice, relaxing therapy. We promise great atmosphere, attitude and results. Looking forward to helping you!


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