Lipstick and Medical Mask? Semi-permanent makeup is the solution

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August 1, 2020

Lipstick and Medical Mask? Semi-permanent makeup is the solution

Semi-permanent makeup can help you wear medical masks more confidently.

Wearing masks became an essential part of our daily life. We wear masks in public places and indoors to protect others from getting infected with COVID19 or other viruses. Some women report to feel uncomfortable while wearing masks due to makeup application: lipsticks, lip gloss, foundation, powder and etc.

Semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) can help you feel more comfortable while trying to protect others by wearing medical masks. We all know how disappointing it is to apply lipstick and then wipe it away with our mask.

Benefits of Lip Tattoo while wearing medical mask

The benefits of lip tattoo go far beyond just keeping the lipstick intact. Other benefits are:

  • Saves you time from applying lipstick on a daily basis and even hourly basis;
  • Makes the lips look more defined, fresh and sexy;
  • With SPMU you can
  • It’s long lasting effect – with regular touch up it can last for many years;
  • Completely safe and 100% compatible with our lips;
  • It can look as natural as you want it to be;
  • It doesn’t wipe away no matter what you do with your lips – eating, drinking, kissing, biting your lips, talking, wearing a medical mask, smoking etc.

What is a Lip Tattoo or a.k.a. Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a technique of applying tattoo ink into the skin by using special equipment. The SPMU artist usually uses a special gun and the process is called micropigmentation. The chosen pigments can have different colours and can create different effects. When implemented into the demis, the pigments give color effect from the inside out.


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There are different types of SMPU techniques that can help you achieve a wide range of lip tattoo effects – lipstick effect, lip gloss effect, natural pigment effect, lip colour switch and correction. Let’s see them all together.

Corrective Lip Tattoo

This is a very special type of SMPU lip technique. It can correct any unwanted dark colouring due to:

  • High melanin production;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Sun damage;
  • Aging;
  • Uneven tan;
  • Disease side effect;
  • Smoking.

With this technique the aim is to make the lip colour look brighter and even. Correction with lip tattoo is completely possible even for the darkest natural shades. It will require more sessions to achieve the colour but then it would last for years.

Pigmented lips after SPMU

Types of SMPU techniques for lips

Gone are the days when lip tattoos were all about creating permanent lipstick effects. Now you can get a lip tattoo to boost your natural lip colour making it look 100% natural. Every single SMPU wish can be achieved and your SMPU artist can adjust the colours for your needs.

Let’s see what you can do with a lip tattoo.

Aquarelle effect

Aquarelle is also known as a Watercolor tattoo. Think of it more of a lip gloss effect rather than a lipstick effect. With this technique there is no pain and no defined contouring of the lips. The aim is to get the lips look natural but still with well exposed colour. The result is: soft, blurred colour, pinkish or slight reddish effect.

Aquarelle lips SPMU

With this technique the SPMU artist makes soft transitions from shades with watery, transparent and luminous colour without sharp edges. It’s suitable for women with light lip colours who want to boost their natural lip colour without making it too aggressive and avoid the lipstick makeup effect.

Lips Naturelle effect

This type of technique has almost invisible results. The lip colouring is the same as your natural lips colour. Why would you do it? Due to ageing or sunlight the lips become lighter and even whiter. This technique reverses any colour damaging and gives you back the natural colour of your lips.

After the procedure no one would notice that you’ve done a lip tattoo.

Lipstick Effect

This is the traditional SPMU effect – it replaces your lipstick colour making it long lasting. With this technique the SPMU artist contours your lips with strong pigment and fills it until every mm of your lips get coloured. This technique is suitable for any woman who’d want to get rid of the chore of re-applying lipstick several times a day. Not to mention that your permanent lipstick won’t leave marks when drinking, eating, kissing, wearing masks etc.


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Lipstick effect can be done also with shades to achieve more volume and more attractive colour merge.

Lip Liner Effect

The name of the technique speaks clearly: it contours your lips with a suitable colour. Due to aging lips tend to lose their defined contouring. Many clients experience problems with blurred and fuzzy lip contours. This is why lip liner effects can make their lips more defined.


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We always recommend more natural colours so they can merge with your natural lip colour, but if you apply lipstick daily with a different colour of lip liner, you can choose a sharper lip contouring. It’s all about individual preferences.

Shades create the illusion of more volume. Lip contouring in combination with shading has an effect of erased lipstick – this makes the lips sexy, alluring, pumpy and more voluminous.

This technique makes lips look natural and sexy. It’s suitable for all ages and emphasizes on outlining your lips.

How to get started?

Tattoo pigments and the number of required sessions are discussed during a free consultation at 7 Derma Center. During the consultation our SPMU certified artist Olga Lelekova will explain every aspect of the treatment and together you will choose the most suitable technique and colouring for your goals.

Contact us and let’s get started.
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P.S. In our next blog posts we will give you more information about how many sessions you’d need, what to expect from each session, what to do before and after each session. Stay tuned!

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