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November 4, 2017

Laser Hair Removal Therapy. Is it worth it?

We call Laser Hair Removal a miracle treatment. Why? Well… the reasons are more than you expect. Let’s see!

Imagine yourself on the beach. The wind is gently stroking your skin. You feel like a goddess. Your skin is silky smooth. You know this state of being is absolute gift from God.

This is how you feel after a Laser Hair Removal treatment. So grateful that you have finally found a way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal makes you feel sexy on the beach.

If you are a guy – do not close that tab yet! Because Laser Hair Removal treatment is absolutely beneficial for you too.

Women’s perspective for Laser Hair Removal

Some women are lucky to have thin light hair over their bodies. They easily wax, shave and epilate. For them this is just a chore. If you are one of them – Laser Hair Removal offers you a fine solution to permanently forget about removing hair regularly. We know how precious your time is – save it for the important things that make your life richer, fuller and joyous.

Other women are not so lucky. They have thick dark hair that needs daily shaving or more regular waxing. Not to mention the pain they experience when they have to epilate or wax. A true nightmare. Hair removal is not only a chore – it is a disaster. Wherever you go, you need to make sure that you look perfect. Whatever you do – you need to make sure that you look flawless. A time consuming task. If this is your case – Laser Hair removal is a perfect match.

And then there is the third group of women – those with hormonal imbalances that see hair growth on all the wrong places. Yes, we know your pain. And this is why we call our this Therapy a miracle.

Men’s perspective for Laser Hair Removal

Finally got to you guys. Not only women have the need to look fresh and neat. You also love to look as sexy as possible. Chest, legs, back, beard, under arms – the most preferred areas by guys for permanent hair reduction. It doesn’t matter why would you want to get rid of hair – the only thing that matters is that now it is possible thanks to Laser Hair Removal Therapy.

It gets even better – you will permanently reduce unwanted hair!

Laser Hair Removal for men

What makes this treatment so awesome?

Let’s start with the word “pain”. No one likes to feel pain – physical, emotional, mental. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Laser Hair Removal is a revolutionary treatment which blocks hair growth with the help of Laser light. We assure you that it is absolutely painless thanks to CynoSure – an advanced system for Laser Hair Removal. It is a combination of laser light and a cold stream of air which soothes the skin. Both of its aspects work simultaneously in order for you to calm down and even feel refreshing pleasure.

CynoSure makes the treatment more efficient. It saves you money and time. Permanent inhibition of hair growth is achieved in maximum 6 sessions. You don’t have to do Laser Hair Removal forever. Not to mention that most patients experience the desired results in 4 sessions.

Pretty awesome, ha?

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

For best Laser Hair Removal results abstain from waxing and tweezing for at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment. If you shave – go on. We want you to be shaved for your procedure.

Anything else? – No, that’s all.

What to expect during the procedure?

First of all, you will be welcomed by our big smiles. Smile back and let’s get started.

Our experienced Therapist will accommodate you and then will prepare your skin for the treatment. We will choose the best program for your type of skin and then… voala, the magic begins. During the Laser Hair Removal treatment you are free to say if there is any discomfort. We will give our best to make you feel relaxed, safe and happy with your decision.

Laser Hair removal in Dubai - 7 Derma Center.

What happens after the treatment?

When the procedure of Permanent Hair Removal is done we apply an anti-inflammatory solution over your skin. This is a safety precaution for your skin to stay healthy and intact.

Then you are instructed to avoid sun exposure for the next 1-2 weeks. We want to protect you from burning your skin. And you agree that this is the best care for you.

Your next session will be discussed with your therapist. Consistency is the key to great results – so listen to her and follow her instructions. When you come back home and a few days pass by, you will see how the density of your hair will lower. You might also be surprised to see how your hair becomes thinner and smoother.

Hold on… almost there – you have just a few more sessions to go.

Miracle is on it’s way!


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