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Aesthetic problems & Solutions

February 6, 2020

3 Facts About Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss is considered as a self-esteem destroyer in modern days although this condition is rather common – studies have shown that 65% of all men see notable hair loss by the age of 35. Quite big percentage, right? Other studies say that 60% of men with hair loss share that they’d prefer to have […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
January 3, 2020

Body Skin Tightening vs. Weight Loss

Holidays are over and now we’re sitting still with our New Year’s resolutions. The first in our list is: Lose weight and tone up. Get that beach body! Often customers come to us with a confusion: Should I lose weight and then tighten? Is it enough to just tighten? How to start losing weight? Is […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
December 4, 2019

Say Good-Bye to Stretch Marks with CO2 Laser

Stretch marks (also called striae distensae) are a major problem for 50% to 90% of women worldwide. This statistic suggests that stretch marks are also something completely normal for modern life. Unfortunately stretch marks don’t heal and disappear in time naturally. Usually women need to “do something” about this aesthetic issue. There are two types […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
September 26, 2019

How to Permanently Remove Facial Hair? [Women Only]

When we hear “facial hair” we often think about beard. Today’s lifestyle and hormonal changes affect many women causing their body to grow facial hair. It’s publically accepted for women to be “hairless”. Facial hair becomes tabu and this aesthetic problem hides behind the shade of shame. Today we explain why women have facial hair […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
July 7, 2019

How to Cure Under Eye Dark Circles?

Are you tired of getting up in the morning and seeing in the mirror dark circles under your eyes? As if nothing helps and with time they become even more visible. We completely understand you. Everyday we meet with clients who have your discomfort and dream about the day they no longer see them. Before […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
February 10, 2019

How to Cure Hair Loss? [Most Effective Treatments]

Nowadays polution, stress, synthetic ingredients in food, cosmetics, beverages and medicines have created a huge problem for a lot of people – hair loss. Sometimes genes are the reason for balding. Long ago balding was considered as an aging problem. Today even millennials (people in their 20s) notice hair loss. Unfortunately, no one is protected […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
November 14, 2018

7 Types of Alopecia and Their Treatment

Alopecia derives from latin and means “baldness”. It is a very common disease amongst today’s busy life. Hair fall causes lots of uncomfortable experiences such as shame, low self-esteem and frustration. Fortunately there is a way to boost hair growth completely naturally. Important: Depending on the type of Alopecia you may have you would have […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
January 10, 2018

Best 6 treatments for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a skin discomfort which affects mostly darker skin colors. This condition is triggered by many different causes such as  sub burn, allergic reactions, infections, injuries, inflammatory disease as lupus or atopic dermatitis. In this article we will explore how to deal with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and get the best result. We have gathered […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
January 3, 2018

Glutathione for skin whitening and detox

Today we live in such a scientifically evolved society that it is completely possible to change your skin color without surgery – with glutathione for skin whitening. We are not going to discuss skin preferences. This is a personal choice and we honor each. The topic of this post is for those of you who […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
December 13, 2017

6 ways how to NOT overeat during holidays

Isn’t it true that most of us love Christmas and New Year’s Eve mainly because of the food? Yup… I know that family, friends, the holiday spirit, the loving intention, the hope for new beginning and new luck, the presents, the booze… are more important. But what is a holiday without a well laden table? […]

Aesthetic problems & Solutions
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