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6 Ways To Lighten Your Skin Without Peeling

Peeling is uncomfortable – seeing your skin dry and husky can decrease your excitement for different results. Not to mention that usually, you cannot apply any makeup during the peeling period. On top of that, going to work, meeting with people, and outdoors just feeling… awkward. For all of you who’d love to avoid this […]

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5 Facials To Combine With 3D HIFU

Modern Aesthetics is advancing rapidly to provide women around the world with a solution for non-invasive skin lifts. 3D HIFU is the ultimate non-invasive technology for reducing saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines. We’re accustomed to the belief that only surgical treatments can provide visible and long-lasting results. Not anymore. 3D HIFU can prove you wrong. […]

Face & skin care

4 Types of Treatments To Do While Under Quarantine

Do you still consider quarantine as a bad thing? Surprise! Not for your beauty needs. We can always find positive aspects of any situation. For instance, while you’re under quarantine, you can do the treatments you’ve always avoided: Those that require a downtime. Downtime is the period during which the body/skin heals and recovers. Although […]

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Keto diet and Weight Loss

Modern society has something 50-70 years ago didn’t exist – chronic weight struggle and obesity. It’s incredible how lifestyle, food quality, and mental health affect such an essential aspect of our well-being – health and appearance. Women all over the world fight calories and follow restrictive diets. But what if there is a way to […]

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